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Elementary My Dear Majesty! Xforce Keygen

Elementary My Dear Majesty! Xforce Keygen

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About This Game

Step into a stunning make-believe world in the first 3D hidden object adventure! The king's daughter has turned into a man-eating monster, and either you find the cure, or 5d3b920ae0

Title: Elementary My Dear Majesty!
Genre: Casual
Alawar Dreamdale
Alawar Entertainment
Release Date: 15 Nov, 2013


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Elementary My Dear Majesty is a pleasant enough game. It's simplistic, the graphics are pleasant and colourful, although dated, and it has enough depth to keep you clicking for a while. It isn't a hidden object game in the normal adventure format, although you do have to find hidden items, so don't expect that. The style is quaint and sometimes amusing. The plot has you on the hunt for a princess who's been taken by aliens, on which journey you'll pass through a number of themed worlds completing tasks. There are some glitches. The view controls are counter-inuituve. I lost count of how many times I moved the wrong way as the controls seem reversed to me. There is also a consistent problem with the totals of items you need to find. At least one item had the wrong count in almost every scene. It manifests itself as the counter not decrementing when you find certain objects. Grab it on sale if you need something simple to while away a few hours or for the kids to play. For under a quid, you can't go wrong. 6/10.. Good game! Funny!! Worth it!!. Farking adventure game. Nuff said.. Different game then the other HOS i have played but it's quite fun. Nice concept, nice music and quite easy.. I was enjoying the game, despite its flaws, until it came to the North Pole level and smacked me in the face with sudden anti-Native racism. My thoughts: "Okay, this character is definitely a member of one of the northern native tribes, and he's an 'Eskimo.'" "Aaaaand he's speaking in broken English, unlike every other character so far." "AND HE'S DUMB ENOUGH TO SIT STILL AND LET SNOW BURY HIM????" No recommendation, refund requested.. A hidden object game that is fully 3D is rarer than most, but it squanders this uniqueness by being completely unwieldy to control. Objects are occasionally fully concealed by foreground elements resulting in an unfair setup only solvable by players using the hint system.. unable to see the objects that you are searching for until you use a hint. not much fun when the designers are "cheating" very frustrating at both levels.

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