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FSX: Steam Edition - Inverness Airport (EGPE) Add-On Cheat

FSX: Steam Edition - Inverness Airport (EGPE) Add-On Cheat

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Close enough to see the ghost of Bonnie Prince Charlie at the 1746 site of the Battle of Culloden!

Inverness Airport (EGPE) is situated at Dalcross, eight miles ( 5d3b920ae0

Title: FSX: Steam Edition - Inverness Airport (EGPE) Add-On
Genre: Simulation
Dovetail Games - Flight
Release Date: 8 Jul, 2015


Very nice little airport. One thing that irks is the static aircraft. Following DTG policies, they have been stripped of their liveriesm, even though it's obvious what they are and a version of this product is available from Sim720 that features the liveries in all their glory. Here you can see my Feelthere E195 in Flybe livery, with the mysteriously incognito but obviously FLybe SAAB 340, The little logo free EasyJet Airbus and a Flybe Dash-8 visible just behind, also with defaced livery: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=825401512 You can see what the static aircraft should look like here: https://flight.sim720.co.uk/images/slides/invernessnarrow04.jpg Sim720 seems to have taken some pains to be accurate as images from a Google search for Inverness airport quickly revals: https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2015/0... It's a shame that Dovetail is following this policy that pulls a lot of pleasing detail out of the Steam versions of FSX add-ons. I really like the attention to detail that Sim720 have shown. When I taxied a Cessna way back into the hangers, I saw a little area of graffitti that gave that part of the scenery a very authentic feel. Since buying this DLC, Inverness has become one of my most visited airports in the UK. A low res view through the HUD of a Feelthere E195 on final approach to runway 05 at Inverness. The effaced static aircraft are visible to the left, along with a WOAI Flybe Dash-8, the one with identifiable markings. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=825413381 The overal detail of this image is lower than you might expect because I am running FSX on a Surface Pro 3 and have to trim things back in order to get workable frame rates. If I can get it working on my system with a reasonably nice add on aircraft and AI traffic, most people who can run FSX should have no trouble with it.. This might be the greatest add-on ever, but since I can't get it to work, it's getting a thumbs down. In particular be aware that it comes with no instructions, so you've no way to find out what's going wrong if it doesn't "just work". Worst of all Dovetail (ie Steam) and SIM720 seem to be fighting a turf war over who should support this addon, since SIM720 say that if you buy from Steam it's up to Steam to support it. I contacted Steam who told me there was a fix, but that SIM720 would have to give it to me. Not good enough. I wish I could get my cash back, but for certain I'll never buy another SIM720 addon again.. i bought this airport SIM720 EGPE inverness from steam over 18month ago , installed it, and my flight sim wont load up at all, run the config that came with it and errors, errors errors all the time, what am i doing wrong,ive used the DLC helper and even that doesnt work at all. i submited a ticket to SIM720, they passed me on to Dovetail games and gettin a runaround all the time.ive attached just one of the many many errors. This DLC has stopped FSX from working I get as far as the loading scenery objects information screen which then stays at 0%. A fix is needed, dont buy this!! The issue appears to be with the sim 720 lib folder. On my system it is located at steam/steamapps/common/FSX/DLC/352184. However the config utility for sim 720 is looking for it at . FSX/SIM720/scripts/custom. With the sim 720 lib folder disabled in scenery FSX works again.. The add-on appears to be down loaded to the libary but I was informed in PC Pilot mag; that the Inverness Airport would auto install to the game. If this is the case, nothing is changing when logged on to this Airport. Could I be informed how to install the Airfport Inverness in to the game as a problem seems to have happened on download. This is my first download from Steam and it may be my last.. I have this and the Stornoway addon which i bought together. However both add-ons rendered FSX un-useable. Im unable to load any flights. Stay clear until a fix is released.. This installed no problem and is a good representation of EGPE and the surrounding area.. Scnery is fixed and works well.. Does not work straight after installation. Needs fiddling around with separate installer tool (Steam->library->tools->FSX sim720 tool) but even then the files seem corrupted, and loading the scenery in FSX stops after 6%. Not acceptable for payware DLC.. This is a really nice airport. The issue everyone else is reporting is fixed! It looks really pretty and is not very performance intensive. The price is fair and the location is nice too. I havent done a lot of flying here so I cant do a massive review but first impressions are that it is a high quality airport in a good location for a decent price.

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