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You may have to install the help pages from a separate package (gimp-help), The user manual for the GIMP 2.10 release is available in 17 languages:. But when I click help, I get a message that the user manual is not installed. Whaere can I get a cooooopy of the user manual for 2.8.20? Printable GIMP 2.8 Manual??? Sat Mar 01, 2014 5:07 pm. GIMP Version: 2.8.4. Operating System: Mac OS GIMP Experience: Beginner Level 21 Feb 2017 29 Nov 2013 GIMP 2.8.10 and the GIMP Manual 2.8.1 have been released and Try to follow this post: www.gimpusers.com/forums/gimp-user/15734- Gimp 2.8 user manual. Can I get a Gimp 2.8 user manual? Depends on what your OS is - Windows - Linux - OSX Your required language and if The Gimp User's Manual vii. Table Of Contents. Brush Selection 138. The Eraser Tool 139. The Airbrush Tool 139. The Clone Tool 140. The Convolver 141. 14 Aug 2014 A new version of the user manual has been released. many, many, many bugfixes You can click here to download the 2.8.2 release package. I also downloaded & installed what I thought was a user manual that I could access The manual file was, "gimp-help-2-2.8.2-en_GB-setup".8 Nov 2018 I have GIMP 2.10.6; however, the PDF manual that I have is ancient; it says GIMP User Manual 2007 and the latest revision is dated 2007. The best you will get at the moment in PDF format is the Gimp 2.8 help from.

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