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High Octane Drift Download For Pc [key Serial Number]

High Octane Drift Download For Pc [key Serial Number]

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About This Game

High Octane Drift is a realistic 3d racing game about drifting motorsport, filled with full-throttle fun and a healthy competitive spirit. You start as a rookie in a live drifting community, earning reputation and cash to build your unique drifting car, gather your crew and win top class High Octane drifting series.
  • Realtime multiplayer up to 32 players;
  • Evergrowing collection of cars with changeable aerodynamic elements;
  • 1500+ performance parts for 20+ swappable engines;
  • Customizable suspension, gear ratios and wheel lock angles for fine tuning;
  • Create and upload your very own car liveries for everybody to see;
  • Build rare parts in a workshop for ultimate performance;
  • Team up to beat other crews;
  • Participate in different events and championships to get exclusive prizes and fame;

Title: High Octane Drift
Genre: Free to Play, Racing, Simulation, Sports, Early Access
Release Date: 11 Oct, 2016


  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 x64
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo [3.0GHz] or AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ [3.2GHz]
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: nVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 [512 MB] or ATI Radeon HD 5670 [512 MB]
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 1024 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Any


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Game feels pretty solid. Needs some work but it has potential.. Waste of couple seconds of my life.You drive like a autistc lol.. \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 game DOESNT EVEN HAVE A QUIT BUTTON. Can't exit out of this garbage game because the main menu is greyed out and hitting ESC does nothing.. this game does have potential but as of now its not really worth it, yes it is free but it has many problems. problem 1 the physics are terrible and i mean terrible sometimes you just slide through things. problem 2 the backround is horible to look at bcause it doesnt move a the same pace your car does and btw motion blur doesnt solven this. problem 3 the fact you have to wait to repair your car repairing your car should be instant and free not timed like a mobile game. problem 4 the video settings screen is lacking, there is no fxaa nob,no mxaa, basically no antiallaising switches at all. nuow heres one thing that is reedeming about this game, it is genuinly fun to go into servers and drift, but that its for the pros. i do think this game has potential but it needs to inprove
. Super fun game, lots of customization and one of the best ftp games ive played :D

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