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About This Game

Choose your Kingdom, collect your spells, herald your forces and prepare your weapons. The war for Euna awaits!

Kingdoms CCG is a unique digital trading card game where you take the role of a hero for one of the six great kingdoms of Euna. Each Hero and Kingdom has a distinct play style creating a vibrant metagame. Decks consist of spells, creatures, gear and powerful Rune Words that shape the battlefield. Combat takes place through a strategic three-lane system with lane changing and defending available at all times. Battles are tight, tense and highly rewarding.

Kingdoms CCG has been designed to be fast to play, yet highly strategic. Play against other players in PVP arenas or live Tournaments, or the challenging AI in the single-player campaign and Guild Wars. Win prizes monthly on the Arena Ladder or battle through the ranks to reach the Epic Guild League. Glory is yours for the taking!

Easy to Learn. Always a Challenge. Join the battle today!

Features include:

  • 27 unique Heroes - each with 3 special abilities that charge over time and can be used to turn the tide of battle
  • 6 Kingdoms - each with strengths, weaknesses and unique abilities - your Kingdom matters!
  • Over 900 cards - an amazing breadth of cards that allow for all types of decks - aggro, control and combo
  • Non-Linear Mana Progression - Gain 2 mana per turn, and turn cards into more. You control your fate!
  • Robust Guild System - Raise through the ranks to the challenge the Epic League, while gaining Honor to acquire special cards
  • Live PVP Arena Ladders - Prove your are the best and win free packs and promo cards! A new ladder every month.
  • Challenging Single Player Training Grounds - Unlock heroes, win cards, gems and coins - all free!
  • Crafting - Turn extra cards into essence to craft new cards - even Epics!


Join for free. Play for free. Pay if you choose.

As a Collectable Card Game this game includes randomized Booster Packs that expand your collection and deck building options. Of the 4 currently available sets, 3 can be purchased with Gold (in-game currency) and 1 require Gems (premium currency).

Gems can be acquired for free by completing daily Arena challenges, completing Hero achievements, completing the campaign and through high-level Guild play.

Special booster packs with cards from all sets can also be won through Tournaments.

Finally, all available heroes can be purchased with Gold.

Complete the Advanced Tutorials found on the Campaign screen and receive 7 FREE Core Booster Packs! 6d5b4406ea

Title: Kingdoms CCG
Genre: Free to Play, Strategy
Ganz Studio
Release Date: 22 Jan, 2015


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meh.. its not good but ill say that how f*cking laggy. interesting gameplay
+many modes of play - campaign, pvp, play vs ai, tournaments, guild wars
+in-game chat
+nice art
+helpful community
+requires thinking during play

-no chat during battles
-not adjusted to widescreen. Amount of hours i spent playing it on Armor games is in hundreds, before Hearthstone it was the best free ccg out there and i tried scores of them. If you play a couple hours a day you can farm enough currency to construct a competitive high-ranked deck in about a month and farm is significantly faster than Hearthstone's so all those 0.2 hours negative reviewers please stfu. In my hard times this game gave me the reason to wake up and live another day.. Company has gone into full cash grab mode.

Older reviews not mentioning P2W and other problems with the game were right, but as of now, it's completely broken and P2W.

Devs keep adding updates to further the P2W aspect and get as much money as they can with no regards to the game's state, no long term thought has been given to these.

Game has potential but has been ruined completely, which is sad.

Avoid like the plague. My issue with this game is not so much the cost which is a problem but not as bad as some of the posts ive seen here but the decks of the computer... they are literally (no exageration) the best possible cards they have. what i mean by this is they will have id say 90% if not 100% leg cards in there deck from the beginning and as you can see from my time playing i really gave it a go but i cant say it was all fun but i do like the consept of this game but its just not worth the dificulty unless you won the lottery or have alot of extra money to blow on getting the cards to make a competitive deck id say pass on this one.

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