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About This Game

Lex Mortis is an open-world horror game set on a fully explorable island.
The game’s atmosphere is directly affected by the time of day. During the daytime you will study the island and it’s mysteries.
But at night the enemies reveal themselves, and the worst nightmare becomes real!

June 28, 2017, you return to your birthplace, Berdwood island, which is located in Northern Europe.
After spending a night on the island, you will discover that there aren't any living people, despite the fact that the population of Berdwood is about 2000.
You will stumble upon the frightening reality of what exactly happened to the inhabitants of Berdwood.
Eventualy, you will get a difficult choice, which will influence on the fate of inhabitants of the island Berdwood.
The game has two endings.

Berdwood island is a fictional island, which is located in Northern Europe. Berdwood island is the site of action of the game's story.
And you don't need to pass the main story as quickly as possible. The island is completely open from the beginning of the game, and it's filled with the history of its inhabitants. This island is quite big. It contains: forests, fields, abandoned villages, mines, mountains and more. There are also working vehicles which will help you to navigate faster through the island.

Berdwood island map:

Title: Lex Mortis
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Dennis Esie
Dennis Esie
Release Date: 9 Feb, 2015


  • OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-750 or AMD Phenom II X4 955
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 560 or AMD Radeon R7 250
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 4 GB available space


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I've completed this game but found it to have a number of problems. Here is a detailed video review:

www.youtube.com\/watch?v=gxFMTbh_jEg&feature=youtu.be\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=gxFMTbh_jEg&feature=youtu.be<\/a>. The scares and atmosphere of the first "night" was awesome. Past that it become a boring game with a lot of back tracking and the entire "creature" story was lame and only got worse to the end of the game. Its a beautiful game but that was about it.. Not worth to buy. Finished playing the game, and overall was more disappointed than happy.
The game is in the beginning actually doing its job, in the father's house you feel not comfortable. But after that point several stuff made me really dislike the game.
- Everything is scripted. Very poorly scripted. Need fuel for the car? Well, no matter if you know where the fuel is, if you don't enter the car first, so the game can tell you that you require fuel, you won't get fuel. Same with notes.
- Multiple times it's the same with the objective: You go to point A, get told you require a object, go to point B, go back to point A. Worst case (Coatown) nothing happens worthwhile, and literally is a time waste, just to artificially extend the gametime.
- Pacing of the game is extremely forced. The moment you reach a "key"-destination (aka night points) your character becomes immensely slow, so slow that it's actually annoying than terrifying.
- "Open-World". Yes, you can explore the entire game. But (especially villages) you just see houses, over houses - and you can't enter any of them, except the ones YOU MUST enter. Or the "sight-seeing" points (like Train Station) are almost nothing, worst case just a poorly modelled "house".
- Enemy behavior is weird. Besides of cringe-worthy movement, they sometimes (often) find you behind cover.
- Bugs. Quite honestly, Lex Mortis should've been put into Early-Access, not released. When the game was released it took 2-3 hours until you could actually enter the game (game was broken). Besides of some settings not saving at all, game crashing when you close it and other weird interactions in the game.
- With the latest update (1.1) you can skip the intro. You can skip the text part, but you're still forced to watch the sequence afterwards and the character still talking about the text part - even when you get the control.
- "Save Game" option, when hitting escape to get into the menu is 2015-most useless feature. It does literally nothing.
- Before some updates, when you closed the game, or died (because alien-creatures catched you) you had to re-do everything, including watching the intro, this was another artificial cause of increasing the game time (total clear time was 2~ hours).

Overall the game was a disappointment. It had just its graphic talking, gameplay-wise, story-wise AND exploration-wise it was terrible, besides of the poorly scripted stuff.. Amazing graphics. Amazing music. Very good sound effects. Great overall atmosphere. Appalling voice acting. Minimal storytelling, and virtually non-existent gameplay. And, perhaps worst of all, NO FRICKING FLASHLIGHT...

In Lex Mortis, you play a mentally-challenged young man who felt the urge to leave an island community because he couldn't quite "fit in", and it's no surprise considering he's so unresourceful that he insists upon searching abandoned houses in near-darkness whilst never picking up any of the numerous, functioning light sources scattered throughout their rooms. Being a slightly backward and childlike individual, he also likes to run at ridiculous speeds when he is out in the sunshine, and crawl about at snail-like speeds when indoors after dark (my guess is he scares easy). He also doesn't speak - correction: MUMBLE - very good English, in spite of the fact that it appears to be his first language. Well, I'm assuming it's his first language, because most people don't tend to talk to themselves in a SECOND language they're only semi-fluent in...DO THEY?!

This game has soooooo much potential, and I would have so much hope for it if only the words "Early Access" appeared on the Store page. But alas...it would appear to be allegedly "finished", and updates are seemingly few and far between, so not much is liable to change between now and the end of Eternity. For the time being, I'll officially declare it my "Number One Tech Demo of 2015", and maybe check it out again in several months in the hope that it evolves into a fully-fledged "game". So near, yet so far...near to WHAT, exactly, I don't quite know, but I'd sure love to play it once the devs sort their\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665out...

Verdict: 6.5\/10.. when was the last update? feb. 2015. glad i paid for a game that will never be complete and is boring.
. 3\/10 - Bad

If this game wants to be a full release out of early access than it shall be reviewed as one, criticism and all.

I came across this indie horror game when it was released early this febuary, so I never played it in early access. One big selling point for me was the open world concept, along with the graphics, and this game does look nicee(but...) . Weeks went by before I actually sat down and played the game after purchasing it. In that time I read the reviews on steam, and watched some videos and braced myself for the worst. For the first hour or so I was actually really enjoying myself. I didn't mind the grammar errors, or the voice acting, knowing that it was one person that made the game, i'm very forgiving in that part. As time went on though the things that were wrong with this game managed to totally ruin the experience then on, and the enjoyment of the first hour was a faded mamory. This game gets buried under the weight of its own glaring failures, and is not enjoyable in any way for the rest of the game. Too be honest im kind of baffled to see so many positive reviews for this game. Did these reviewers actually play this game?

I normally write pros and cons in reviews, LM has more problems than i care to remember, but ill try my best here


Graphics: The game looks nice

Soundtrack: Its good, not great, at times it really lays on the atmosphere, especally in the beginning. I was pretty jumpy in the first house.

The Cons:

- No flashlight. this is unnacceptable. imagine playing alien isolation or outlast without any source of light, youd prolly scream.
- You cant run 75% percent of the time. the only time you can run is when your in the open area back tracking, and yeah, thats a problem in itself...backtracking.
- No incentive to go exploring other areas.
- driving physics are broken , i mean broken asbroken can be, the worst you will come across on the entire planet.
- The story takes a nose dive into awfulness towards the end.
- Theres literally only 2 times in the game were you have to sneak around a monster, im not kidding, wish i was. and it was like 1 small hallway for each.
- everything in the game looks like it has anal lube all over it.
- The map sucks
- Grammar, im forgiving of this, but by the end i found myself laughing out of my chair.
- did i mention running? yeah in any building your in it slows you down to a snails pace, even when your around a monster. Hell there was a glitch in the 1 monster area where there was like super glue on the floor and it was slowing you down for no reason , other than it was a glitch.
- This game should still be on early access and not an official release, its reckless. Steam needs some kind of quality control when it comes to this. Im sorry but this is unnacceptable.
- boats are so slow you can prolly swim just as fast.
- the ending was so bad i was lost for words with my jaw dropped , and proceeding to laugh uncontrollably.
- NO Flashlight, yup its that annoying

. This game does not feel finished, plain and simple. There is massive potential for lex mortis to be a very good, even a great game, and for it to contribute something new to the first person survival horror genre. but this premature release kind of squandered that opportunity.

It's really a waste to see the dev put so much work into this game, only to cut it short and release it in its current state. If any of you are like me and you want to play this, I know this review won't stop you, i'm the same way, but don't be surprised if I told you so.

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