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About This Game

"LineWay" is a concise style and easy to handle puzzle game.

the goal of game is to connect all bricks into one line.

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Title: LineWay
Genre: Casual, Indie
Release Date: 20 Jun, 2017


  • OS: Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Processor: Intel Celeron 1800 MHz
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM

English,French,Italian,German,Danish,Ukrainian,Russian,Bulgarian,Hungarian,Turkish,Greek,Norwegian,Czech,Japanese,Polish,Thai,Swedish,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese,Romanian,Finnish,Dutch,Port

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LineWay is a short, minimalist puzzle game. There are 80 puzzles and I finished the game in about an hour and 40 minutes. The music is nice to listen to for the short amount of time you experience the game. (There isn't enough time for it to become stale, in my opinion.) And the settings consist of a level select (through left and right arrows) and a button that: turns off the music with one click, then turns off the sound effects with another. (A third click will reset it and turn both features on again.) I enjoyed the game and I thought it had a charming aesthetic overall. One negative for it is that there isn't a quit/exit button so you have to ctrl+alt+delete and then close it manually. It's a cheap game and there were only a few of the puzzles in the game that had me thinking for any significant amount of time, so if you have run out of games of a similar nature that are both longer and more challenging (such as Lyne, Unium, or Cubicolor) then I would reccommend giving this one a go. If difficulty is a huge selling point for you, this game isn't going to be your cup a' tea. It's more so for the relaxed puzzle gamer.. At first glance it's your typical draw a single line type puzzle. And ultimately that's what it is, but there are some unique puzzle elements added to create a challenge. Lock and key, double sized squares, partially hidden squares, and a few other neat little tricks await. Like many of the minimalist zen-type puzzle games, you begin right away and gradually have new mechanics introduced. The difficulty curve is quite fair and, in my opinion, never gets too difficult. The music and sound effects are pleasant. There are 80 levels but it is a "zen" game so you can probably finish in just an hour or two. It's cheap and regularly goes on sale so it's worth it for a little relaxation.. Whole games took me 52 minutes - it's to short for possitive review of any game. If that amount of fun is acceptable than go for it (and if this gameplay appeals to you). Levels wasn't great. Some were harder, bit most of them quite easy.. A very interesting puzzle game, with difficulty from easy to hard with decent learning curve, it have about 80 diferent levels to complete. Simplistic graphic, relaxing music and some funny sound effect, if you like puzzles, try this one, very good to pass time.. Such a wonderful, little puzzle game! New elements are introduced slowly to get you used to them, and despite the simplistic appearance, there are some pretty challenging levels where I had to stop playing and come back to another time.. I paid less for this than I did for the bag of cheetos I am currently eating and got vastly more satisfaction out of it.. Perfect. It has everything you want from this kind of game.. Interesting idea for a puzzle game even though the game is rather easy. However, it gets harder with more twists being added. The controls are very smooth and intuitive. Finished the game in a little bit over one hour (70 min). I definately recommend this game.

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