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Magic Siege - Defender Download] [License]

Magic Siege - Defender Download] [License]

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About This Game

You are a powerful mage which defends own castle from the waves of monsters. It will not be easy! You will necessary to use your tactical skills and the impressive quantity of magic skills and magic scrolls with different effects to kill all your enemies. Using the spell upgrade system, you will raise might of your spells, to kill more powerful monsters.

Key features:
- A ton of zombies and monsters
- Awesome graphics and sounds effects
- 6 weapons of sorcery
- 4 scrolls of witchcraft

So what are you waiting for?
Rush in and protect your own castle right now!

Title: Magic Siege - Defender
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Cristian Manolachi, Atomic Fabrik
Release Date: 30 Nov, 2017


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Intel Celeron
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD graphics
  • Storage: 212 MB available space

English,German,Japanese,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Korean

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A good little tower defense game. Graphics are cool. Mechanics is simple: player must defend his tower with a mage located over a wall. He can choose 4 spells out of a total of 10 and use 4 power-ups. By killing foes obtains gold to buy items, upgrades and even a guard pet; every spell, power and enhance can be upgrade 5 times. Also there are potions for replenish mana for spells and repair the wall, and are upgradables too. The map is a side view, always the same, every level only changes the enemies kind and number. Foes are very well depicted, the best aspect of game.

Gameplay is easy, quick, fun and friendly with player at begining, but last levels are challenging; no requires strategy, just only a bit of tactic. Sadly is short: to complete all 40 levels, with more of 90% achievements, takes about 9 hours. It seems that it would have more content, but the developers abandoned it, due the bad reviews by bugs. With an infinite arcade mode of growing difficulty this game could have been an instant classic. A true pity.

This product offers a new look for an old subgenre of tower defense games: those with only one active defender, because not all consists in build things, altought many players seem to have forgotten. This title has been injustly underrated and its very criticized due tech issues. Maybe it could be truth in firsts versions, but I didn`t have any with the last. Very reccomendable for children, newbies and cassual players, but not for hardcore fans of building. Hopefully there will be a second part. To buy with disccount and play inmediatly to try if it works or refund it.. This seems like a cool game, but the only user configurable settings in the game are to either completely enable\/disable audio, or change the language. No adjusting the game's volume, changing resolution, windowed\/fullscreen mode, etc. to the point where it's almost insulting. I can't adjust the volume of the music while I'm watching TV on a different monitor? I can't select a different monitor to play on without changing the OS's main display? It's really a shame, because it seems like a game I would enjoy playing, however the lack of even the most basic options makes the game unplayable for me :(.

That being said, the game itself seemed fairly well made during the five minutes I played it.. Cheapest lazy Plants vs. Zombies clone possible.
They even did not bother to mention the mana cost of the different spells, on the upgrade page,
just to name one of the many things that are wrong with this game.
That's show-me-the-money , lazy, mobile game dirt.. Average game where the achievements don't even work. The devs have made no attempts to fix them for months yet they focus on other games. DO NOT BUY.

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