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Original Title: Max To The Max

Genge: Animation,Action,Family,Fantasy,Sci-Fi,Sport,Thriller


















































The first two matches of the 'Justice 5' tournament are complete, and things aren't looking good for Tyson's squad, G Revolutions. BEGA's team is up two games to one in the best-of-five series. If they lose another match, BEGA will be victorious and have complete control over the sport of Beyblading. This puts a lot of pressure on Max to win game three against Mystel. Tyson and the others argue whether Max's signature defensive style will be enough to overcome Mystel's unpredictable and overpowering attack. Max takes this as a sign that his teammates only think he can win if he changes the way he Beyblades altogether. His confidence shattered, Max isolates himself and does some soul-searching. He receives a morale boost from a unlikely source - Rick, his contentious PPB All Starz partner. Rick helps Max realize that his trademark style is what made him so successful as a Blader, and it would be foolish not to use it just because the odds are against him. Max never wanted to give up his defensive tactics in the first place, so Rick's advice only strengthens his resolve to simply do what he does best. When the time comes for his battle against Mystel, Max uses his time-tested strategies. He's quickly overwhelmed by Mystel's wild, hard-hitting attack, and defeat seems eminent. But Draciel's spectacular defense curtails the downward spiral, and the match ends in a draw. The stalemate result isn't the victory that Max desired, but it successfully postpones any chance of losing the tournament for at least one more match. For the underdog G Revolutions team, momentum has finally turned in their favor.

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