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Mayan Death Robots Free Download [portable Edition]

Mayan Death Robots Free Download [portable Edition]

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About This Game

Mayan Death Robots reinvents the artillery genre (think Worms) in a Mayan setting invaded by alien killing machines. Pick a robot from the roster and enter the arena to destroy your opponent's power core. Aim your weapon before the timer runs out, but don't be distracted by the pretty scenery: when the rockets start flying, you already need to plan your next move! Will you choose to move your robot to a better vantage point, or will you build defenses to keep your opponent from landing a killing blow?


  • Patience is not a virtue

    You never have to wait for your next turn. Each player acts at the same time, so whenever you fire a shot, expect to have the favour returned. Think Worms, but everyone takes their turn at the same time!

  • Choose wisely

    Pick a robot with unique abilities and weapons form a roster of ten lethal killing machines. Nuke, zap, implode, incinerate and destroy the opposition with your favourite robot and fighting style!

  • Practice organized religion

    Your tribe of tiny Mayas thinks you are a god descended from heaven, so they worship you and aid you in battle. Give them something to really believe in and blow up the enemy robot and his tribe!

  • Muscle out the competition

    The actual Mayan gods don’t take your blasphemy lightly and come to crash the party. Set aside your differences and team up with your opponent to defeat massive bosses! Feel free to proceed with the face melting afterwards.

  • Care for the environment

    Use your construction gun to build defences or create a vantage point to rain death on your opponent.

  • Survival of the fittest

    Think you know what it takes to defeat your opponent? Your robot overlords have some surprises in store to keep you on your toes. Play through the campaign mode to unlock new robots and scenarios that change the way you play the game.

Title: Mayan Death Robots
Genre: Action, Indie
Sileni Studios
Release Date: 20 Nov, 2015


A fun, easy-to-learn game that is perfect for parties and kids but also has a deep and rewarding competitive side. The single-player is also an excellent way to learn the game. Polished and well optimized!. Fantastic artillary game. The gameplay is pretty fast with essentially both you and your opponent taking your turns at the same time, and there is a great variety in gameplay between the different character robots (without any of them being distinctly more powerfull than the others).
Lack of online multiplayer is the only thing keeping this from a no-brainer buy. Regardless, worth your money if you like artillary games like worms.. Bought the game for my friend and I, for 9 minutes adjusting settings and such then realized it had no online multiplayer. I will re-purchase this for both of us if it gains this. But why the hell this chose single-player over online multiplayer is beyond me.. Awesome :D Grab some friends, Belgian beers (the only true ones) and enjoy the coop mode !. Just tried it out, havent discovered all of it yet but its definately worth it.. I've see Mayan Death Robots on several events and it was always a crowd pleaser. It does several cool things to shake up the artillery game formula (ie.Worms) quite a bit!

For one, the pace is way faster than Worms', with all players playing at the same time so if both players know the game, matches move on forward very pleasantly.
Adding characters with specific skills does a lot to increase variety and the boss fights help in changing the pace quite dramatically (ad they're very well put together).

The character skills have a lot of variety and there are some nice touches like the Tetris-inspired wall-building and the "skill-roulette" that manage to shake things up a bit by granting a random super skill to players.

Of course everything is not perfect and the game can feel a bit overwhelming at first due to the quick pace and busy screen. The campaign does a good job of teaching you the basics though so I recommend starting from there to explore the main features one by one.

It's also cool that you can tackle the campaign alone or with people, which is a great way to learn the specifics of the game together (that's how we played it with a friend).

Highly recommended if you're looking for an intense couch multiplayer game!. Very fun pretty well balanced Worms alternative for two players who have taken a couple of beers and sit in front of the TV with gamepads. Very nice to have some fun in a fighting\/co-op couch game!. Love this game. Very easy to learn and a lot of fun when I'm having some friends over.. Fun and visually entertaining game. Due to the high paced battles it's (in our case) very well suited for playing during lunch breaks. Simplified weapon choice compared to Worms, but that doesn't take away from the tactical choices you have to make to obliterate your fellow colleague.... (or end up with a "NOOOOOO!" moment). Thumbs up!

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