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About This Game

Build and run your monster empire!

You can choose to start with a park that already has a little bit of foundation in different environments, or an empty field that is completely in ruins, and build an entire monster empire.

On this continent, there are all kinds of strange monsters, exploring, searching, hatching them, understanding their life habits and temperament, building suitable habitat for them, filling them with your monster empire.
Get more monsters, put out nice park decorations, improve the park's reputation and attract more visitors.To meet the needs of visitors to see and live, so as to earn more money.
Hire employees to help you replace tanks for monsters, repair damaged buildings, treat monsters, and keep the park safe.

Make decisions about how to nurture your monsters!

Here, you may encounter very cute and lovely elvish monsters, stone giants that keeps getting bigger, fierce and cruel tyrannosaurs, legendary level black dragons, and so on

But!!!You can literally imagine them and actively shape them by deliberately laying out their habitat, selectively feeding them, and specific behaviors or events to gradually alter them so that they achieve certain conditions and acquire various characteristics.For example, it is possible to have a gentle, nanny type tyrannosaurus.

More challenges await you!

What do you need to do when you're familiar with how to build parks properly, how to raise your monsters, and when you want to grow your empire?

Use your expedition to explore deeper and farther into the continent, looking for more rare monsters, and maybe bring back some monster eggs, special props, or a path to deeper depths.

Open the calendar to learn about the world's festivals and events, and follow the traditions of the festival and prepare for the events.For example, on Halloween, you need to build enough candy in the park for tourists and monsters.You need to choose carefully cultivated monsters to participate in the competition in order to win the prize.

Find research to unlock more ecological decor, more variety of shops, magical buildings, more ways to raise monsters, and some of the park's regulations.Things like canneries, theme restaurants, dangerous monster laws, etc.

From time to time there are also some special visitors come to visit you in the park, you need a special "care" these special visitors, of course can also determine their survival problem, even catch up in captivity, as your wish.

More in development

Mystery merchants, who bring their personal merchandise with them, make deals with you, whether it's a monster you've carefully cultivated, a monster's egg, or some prop you've taken a liking to.

Achievement system is also one of our gameplay methods. You need to accumulate achievement points by completing various kinds of funny achievements to unlock unique game content.

Regarding the Easter egg, it's a lot of fun to be able to bring something that's interesting into the game, is also hoped that the player will laugh out loud when see these funny content , so please try your own discovery! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Monster Safari
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
SmallOne Studio
X.D. Network Inc.
X.D. Network Inc.
Release Date: Coming Soon


  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

English,Simplified Chinese,Japanese,Traditional Chinese,Korean

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Update 4:

We localized the game to the following languages:
- russian
- french

If your operating system is in one of these languages than the game will start in your language automatically

If not (or you want to change language) go to your steam library, right click Bunny Mahjo, select Properties. On the tab General there is a button "Set launch options". Press it and in the window type: "culture="your language""

culture="en" (for english)
culture="ru" (for russian)
culture="fr" (for french)

If you find any mistakes in translation feel free to let us know in the steam discussians or e-mail and we'll fix it ASAP

P.S.: more languages coming soon
P.P.S.: achievements and the game page are localized too. É hora de enfrentar o Chefão! Chegou a temporada Nêmesis.:
Horizon Chase Turbo convida você para enfrentar um rival à altura.

Você olha para o espelho retrovisor e ele olha de volta!

Já enfrentou muitos adversários, né? Mas esse é um chefão criado especialmente para você e tá com sangue nos olhos! A season Nêmesis traz um novo nível de desafio para você curtir Horizon Chase.

Ele tem um bom carro, ele conhece a pista e o mais importante, sabe como você pilota. Ele nasceu com um propósito: derrotar você.

Você está pronto para superar mais essa? Bom, logo você vai descobrir.

Dê uma olhada nos vencedores da última temporada e lembre-se: a cada 15 dias um novo desafio irá trazer você de volta para as pistas do Horizon Chase Turbo!

Resultados da temporada "Última Volta":

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You look at the rearview mirror and it looks back!

You've faced a lot of opponents, right? But this is a boss created especially for you, and boy, he is unstoppable! Nemesis season brings a whole new level of challenge for you to enjoy Horizon Chase.

He’s got a good car, he knows the track and most importantly, he knows the way you drive. He was born with only one goal: to defeat you.

Are you ready to overcome this? Well boy, soon you’ll find out.

Take a look at the winners of the past season below and remember: every 15 days, a new challenge will call you back to the tracks of Horizon Chase Turbo!

“Final Lap” Season Final Results:

. Do you feel the heat? Volcano Season is now available.:

. Horizon Chase Turbo is featured on this week fan favourite vote at the Game Development World Championship!:


Horizon Chase Turbo is featured on this week fan favourite vote at the Game Development World Championship!

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El Campeonato Mundial de Desarrollo de Videojuegos es el mayor concurso mundial del escenario gamedev, el ganador recibirá una tablet gaming y será invitado a visitar los mejores estudios de Finlandia y Suecia.

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