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About This Game

NEO NEO is a super fast, brutal top-down arcade game, inspired by the likes of Hotline Miami and Super Hexagon. Use a devastating teleport ability to leap from enemy to enemy, stealing weapons and killing all in one explosive move.

  • Steal your enemies souls and weapons with the devastating teleport ability. Say no more to grabbing the wrong damn weapon! The teleport ability allows you to jump to any enemy, killing them and taking their fully loaded weapon.
  • Kill as many enemies as possible to improve your score within the never-ending Temple but beware, a none relenting flood is dead on your heels, every second stealing away all the souls you are too slow to kill yourself.
  • Bullets move fast but you move faster. Adrenaline kicks in when bullets are heading straight for your heart, giving you a hefty speed boost and slowing down time.
  • Unlock a wide range of perks that dramatically affect the way you hunt the enemy. Want to go on a shotgun frenzy? Be my guest! But be careful, each perk comes with deadly traits!
  • Have your eyes metaphorically boiled by an array of vibrant colours and effects, allowing over 5 different stunning colours due to state of the art technology.
  • The Temple is randomly generated on each run to allow for a constant flow of varied and bloody death.


Title: NEO NEO
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 16 Jun, 2018


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A brilliant setup and visual style are made almost unaccessible by ...

A brilliant setup and visual style are made almost unaccessible by the limited options present to players. With no obvious way to buffer the difficult curve many will be turned off completely.. it's a lot of fun after you get the hang of it
its really good, so you should get it..

A brilliant setup and visual style are made almost unaccessible by the limited options present to players. With no obvious way to buffer the difficult curve many will be turned off completely.. NEO NEO is a simple, addictive, and responsive game in which you massacre an army of enemies.

The game is fast-paced and intense, getting kills is both rewarding and exhilarating. The controls are simple and easy to understand, though the explanations can confuse new players. It is difficult to get to grips with them if you aren't used to the kind of intense gameplay that NEO NEO involves.
The game itself is bug-free (as far as I have seen), and both the art-style and music are pleasing to the senses.

As you progress further into the game, it becomes more and more difficult. New enemies with different weapons unlock, and hazards become increasingly dangerous.

Getting past the first floor is difficult at first, whilst you are still getting used to the way the game works, but you will very quickly improve. Due to the warping system, the better you are at the game, the easier it is to quickly progress through earlier floors. Meaning that you won't get annoyed by having to trudge through the first level every time.

However, I personally think that the game would benefit greatly from some sort of practice arena, where you could get used to using the warp abilities.

You can unlock modifiers that can change the way you play the game. Each modifier works in a way that means you can use whichever suits your style of play the most.

There are also a fair few achievements, most of which involve getting to a certain point in the game, or killing a certain number of enemies.

There are only a few sound tracks in the game. After a long while the music does become a little repetitive, an ideal improvement would be to add in some sort of dynamic changes to the track whilst the game goes on, this would also have the effect of adding to the increasing intensity and feeling of reward when you get further into the game.. it's really fast.
No controller support.

If this looked liek it would interest you, know that it is VERY VERY fast.
That's really All I have to say about it, it does its job, and is priced accordingly.

A brilliant setup and visual style are made almost unaccessible by the limited options present to players. With no obvious way to buffer the difficult curve many will be turned off completely.. The positives of this game far outweigh its negatives, and, honestly, at £1.52 this game is a steal. Having said that, here's a little discussion below:

1. This game has a very attractive art style and is not overwhelming.
2. The controls are incredibly responsive and intuitive.
3. It is deeply addictive. I suppose this could be a negative too, but for the 6 hours I've spent on this game so far I feel like it has more than made up for its £1.52 price tag, and I still haven't 'completed' it.
4. The price tag: It is £1.52.
5. Achievements unlock upgrades which significantly change the way the game is played. This means that each upgrade you unlock gives you a very different gameplay experience.
6. The concept is quite unique, but also very simple. You pick it up very quickly allowing you to get straight into the game.

1. The game has a little introduction scene when you first load it up which is very attractive. However, that seems to only play the first time you load up the game which, I think, is a shame.
2. I (realise how nitpicky this is), but the game has a spelling mistake I've noticed. I think it was 'allways' instead of 'always', but it isn't exactly a huge problem.
3. I initially thought that the upgrade system would make things easier, and in some ways each upgrade does. However, using some of them (and you can only use one at once) results in a very different 'difficulty' than using others. The shotgun upgrade, for example, seems (at least to me) to be far more powerful than some of the others and result in an easier 'difficulty'. This is not so much a problem, as it results in a much more varied gameplay experience than would otherwise would exist, but I'm not entirely certain if that was the intention. If it was, then I guess this is more of a note than a negative.

Overall though, at under £2 this game is definitely worth it.

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