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OutOfColors Ativador

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About This Game

The VR game with a '90s feeling

Find yourself in a lovely teenager's room from the nineties. Somehow all colors of your remote controlled car have be 5d3b920ae0

Title: OutOfColors
Genre: Indie, Racing, Early Access
Granola Studios
Granola Studios
Release Date: 3 May, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1
  • Processor: Intel i5-4590, AMD FX 8350 or b


Ok so there were no reviews on this, so I wanted to give it a try. I am always looking for new games for my son to get into. Upon loading into the game you are placed into a room, you cannot move though. It take a moment to realize (no instructions) that you need to push on the thumb sticks (Rift) to point to move. This is the first negative point of the game. My son refused to point and click where he wants to walk, he would prefer to use the joy sticks. Next up you can not actually point to where you want to go specificly as there seems to be predermined spots to go which means if makes it really hard to comfortably reach everything in the room. I have an optimal size play space and still found myself hitting my borders since I could not properly place myself where I wanted. You also seemingly cannot choose which way you are going to plop down either that seems predermined. Next up are the things you can play with, they are minimal. The first thing I did was pick up a cup and throw it at the far window. I heard a crash and then when I finally made my way over to it on the table it had locked up in position and lost its textures, just there with grey and white boxes. There were some things on the table, including what I imagine is the top of an RC car, this section would be really cool to be able to assemble on of the RC cars. Maybe it would be cool to when choosing the Rc to output one to the main screen so a non VR player can race with them. Or maybe all the time they can drive it around as you walk around in the room. Quite often I noticed that my VR hands would get stuck on objects and pull, that is immersion breaking. The RC car is really fun put the control is very sensitive, my son will not be able to get a hang of that. Maybe you can slow down the acceleration to max speed. The track when it goes up or is uneven with the floor should have some sort of wall so you dont get stuck. Please also texture the race track. If you can have the controllers when you pick them up turn to another animation of you holding it so you can now use the buttons as buttons would be nice so the controller is not just in one hand at a time. Getting on top of the bed would be nice, maybe a nerf or something up there to shoot down at things. Also cleaning up the racetrack would be nice so you can do other things, like play with the balls etc. You do not need so many RC cars unless you plan to have other people over racing them with you. Make them different colors if anything. The outside is nice, maybe start giving the illusion of an outside playground or swingset. Gives you options later to add rooms or locations. You want to add without making a mess as many cool physics objects cause kids love to pick up and manipulate things. Maybe the laundry top can come off and you can throw things in it. Im out of ideas now but I think the price is kind of high for what it is. you would maybe get a bunch more impulse buys if it was 1.99 or 2.99, even 3.99 with the promises of taking advice and updating. I will not refund this because I want to believe that I can help a Vr game that possibly my son can enjoy before bedtime etc.

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