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Radiant Arc Key

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About This Game

Radiant Arc is a homage to classic JRPGs, taking much inspiration from games such as Final Fantasy IV. Explore the open world and enjoy all the Easter Eggs and references p 5d3b920ae0

Title: Radiant Arc
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Linky317, Ori
YuBui Studios
Release Date: 30 May, 2019


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Now Coming To Steam! : After 4 long years of development, my first game Radiant Arc is coming to Steam! I will be taking some more time to fix bugs and polish off parts of the game.. Patch 1.02 : Hey everyone once again! Sorry to those who experienced a few bugs at the start but they are now fully addressed. Fixed: Disappearing lists(skills/items) Quest Log bug (again) Laggy enemy at mist cave Duplicate treasure in mist cave Hidden npc in box in Louna Port Crash when fighting snow enemy in forest in 2nd continent Crash when fighitng Andrew when he uses fire barrage Aware of: Laggy night times? Certain Laggy maps? Mysterious game crash when in battle in Ceddu Cave (Richard attacking earth turtle with striking chord)? As always, let me know on bugs and problems and I will try my best to fix asap.. Radiant Arc Released! : Radiant Arc has finally released! I am very excited for the public to try my RPG that has been in development for 4+ years. There may be bugs that crop up but as soon as they are addressed to me, I will try my best to fix them. As well, any suggestions, balance suggestions, and even ideas for a future game let me know by letting me know in discord or on the game's forum page.. Patch 1.01 : Hi I hope everyone is enjoying the game and I thank those who reported bugs to me. Currently I am working on bug fixes and the following are being or have been addressed.. Discontinued Achivements : To all players, Due to complicated reasons, achievements will be removed from Radiant Arc for now. Currently I have discovered that a massive majority of bugs stem from me updating my NW.JS. Many bugs I had before never existed until I updated my NW.JS just for the Steam release. A higher version is required for me to utilize steam achievements however this results in a large amount of nasty bugs such as crashes, list disappearing etc. Currently it is causing me a headache to figure out and for now to ensure a more stable experience, has been removed for now. Once again, very sorry to all players and I wish you will continue your support for Radiant Arc and my future games.. Updates and News! : Hi everyone! Just a few updates and news before release. - I've adjusted the release date to be a bit earlier, Radiant Arc will be coming out on May 31st hopefully without delay! - I've finally figure out how to do put in steam achievements (took way too long XD) and will be implementing them throughout the game, most being achievable through a full playthrough -Various Balance Changes (upon full release, I will make more detailed bugfix/patch notes) (since my game involves a lot of characters/skills/builds, balancing can be a bit tricky) -Bug Fixes/Crashes -Upon full release, do not hesitate to report bugs through either contacting me through discord or posting on Steam. -I am actually slowly working on a sequel to Radiant Arc, which takes place 20 years in the future! :) Thank You all, and I hope you will enjoy Radiant Arc.

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