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Rahi Sarnobat Biography, Achievments & Net Worth

The Asian Games 2018 are bringing a lot of manage to pay for practicing applause to to Indians. However, some unidentified faces are grabbing the spotlight as skillfully. One such slant surrounded by these glowing stars is Rahi Sarnobat. The pistol shooter from Kolhapur is finally getting the appreciation she deserves. The experienced shooter has captured the imagination of the entire nation by winning the gold in the 25-meter pistol shooting issue. Who is this champion? And where was she all these years? We salutation all those questions and more as we dig a little deeper and admit the journey of this champion.

Full Name -    Rahi Jeevan Sarnobat
Age           -    27 years ( As of 2018)
Height       -    1.51 m
Hometown -    Kolhapur
Sport          -   Shooting


1. Born and brought going on in Kolhapur, Rahi Sarnobat moved to Pune to train in 25-meter pistol shooting.

2. After making a mark in the Youth Games and Commonwealth Games, she really arrived in this area the international scene in 2013. She became the first Indian pistol shooter to win the gold medal in the World Cup.

3. Unfortunately, her spectacular career took a brief pause due to a freak disaster. She fractured her elbow and spent not quite two years recuperating.

4. After a test of her perseverance and patience, she finally made it through the dark time. With the subsidiary-found sticking to and information of Munkhbayar Dorjsuren, she made her comeback.

5. What a comeback it was! Rahi collective her affluent experience and Dorjsurens world-class training and went to win the gold at the 25-meter pistol business in the Jakarta Palembang Asian Games!

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