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Silicon Zeroes Crack Unlock Code And Serial

Silicon Zeroes Crack Unlock Code And Serial

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About This Game

The makers of Manufactoria return with a new open-ended puzzle game.

  • Build complex electronics from a variety of simple components, like Adders, Latches and Multiplexers.
  • Travel back to the 60s to Silicon Valley's very first startup, and do your best to keep the whole thing from imploding.
  • Solve more than seventy puzzles, from straightforward introductions to building fully functional CPUs.
  • Original soundtrack by Craig Barnes, composer for Streets of Rogue and Enyo.

"The best game about CPU design that I can imagine​" -- Zach Barth (SpaceChem, TIS-100).


Title: Silicon Zeroes
Genre: Indie, Simulation
PleasingFungus Games
PleasingFungus Games
Release Date: 18 Sep, 2017


There are a lot of detailed reviews here so let me make it quick.


I am not the most talented at puzzle games (I tend to give up within the first hour). But this has a really nice progression where I always feel like I have a new problem to solve. Yet I never felt overwhelmed or ill-prepared for the task.

The explainations are short but accurate and being able to see all tests and their respective solutions really helps.
Content wise I've spent 56 hours so far and have yet to complete a lot of the "lategame content" (But I'm not the brightest so you might be a lot quicker).. THE GOOD:

First of all this game is fabulous. Whomever designed it and thought it up should be supremely commended as it is an excellent game with lots of great logic puzzles and stuff. It is very fun to sit and work out the correct combination of parts needed to figure out each puzzle. And also to compare unique parts required for my solution compared to others. Also the "back story" of the start-up engineering firm is cute and retro in a fun way. If it were not for one little detail, I would give it a 5 stars rating, two thumbs up, and recommend it highly to everyone...


The commentary in this game is just dripping with overt misandry, sexist comments about men and goes well out of its way to promote the classic Feminist view that women are nothing more than whiny, b*tchy, helpless victims who are more interested in poisoning the work environment than creating a positive culture and inclusive work environment.

There's no place for any of that crap in a game. Keep your SJW nonsense to yourself. I will be posting this review elsewhere also to make sure that people know what they're buying. It's a great game-- the developers should have simply left it at that.

Anybody who wants to take issue with me for saying this can blow it out your back hole. I'm tired of all the hateful, sexist Feminist male-bashing.. Start slowly but after the first 30 minutes or so it really picks up. UI is good, puzzles are challenging but not frustrating (at least not yet), story is interesting. I'd definitely recommend this if you're a fan of something like Shenzhen I\/0. It's different enough that you'll have a new experience but definitely in the same vein.. fun game that teaches about basic computing and programming

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