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About This Game

Sinful Eden is a point 'n' click adventure with dating sim and RPG elements. You take on the role of a young man living in Karigon Island, Karigon law states that all males who're of age are duty-bound to marry, failure to comply will result in execution, as ordained by the high priestess Aurora. Unfortunately for you, finding a suitable bride isn't as easy as it sounds... There will be many obstacles in your path to find true love, can you overcome them before it's too late?


  • Explore over fifteen unique locations around Karigon Island.
  • Buy and trade gifts.
  • Four (or more) different ladies to romance.
  • Dynamic time cycle: Find different areas & secrets at night.
  • Unlockable secret characters & new areas.
  • Multiple endings depending on your in-game choices.
  • Mature themes & humor.
  • Reputation system. (keep your rep high or people may treat you differently)
  • Work your 9-5 day job, borrow money or gamble to make it big.
  • Play mini-games to increase your reputation.

Title: Sinful Eden
Genre: Casual, Indie, RPG
Release Date: 9 May, 2016


My rating 9\/10

+ four women who really are different in character and behavior
+ the need to choose one of them
+ the message of the game - the bride depends on us to remember it , we know it
+ to complete in one evening :-)

- English only


(Po Polsku)

Moja ocena 9\/10

+ cztery kobiety kt\u00f3re naprawd\u0119 r\u00f3\u017cni\u0105 si\u0119 charakterem i zachowaniem
+ konieczno\u015b\u0107 wyboru jednej spo\u015br\u00f3d nich
+ przes\u0142anie gry - narzeczonej zale\u017cy aby\u015bmy j\u0105 pami\u0119tali, aby\u015bmy j\u0105 poznali
+ do uko\u0144czenia w jeden wiecz\u00f3r :-)

- tylko angielska wersja j\u0119zykowa. Pros:
++ It's a dating sim.
++ That "Sinful Eden Girl" is a massage lady, and gives you a boner.
++ Priestess Aurore's "scary" form on the game over screen is pretty sexy.

-- You have to remember phone numbers
-- Game asks you trivia questions to make most of your money. (IE: Math problems, what is an echidna, etc.)
-- The "eye of ra" states it says there's hidden items. But doesn't say HOW TO FIND THEM IF IT IS BLINKING\/GLOWING.
-- Game has no "Exit to Title" option on the diary so that you can re-read the instructions.
-- Game has no real instructions for anything. Just how to do things in the game like accrue Reputation and money, but that's it, no advanced insructions like HOW TO USE THE EYE OF RA.
-- Repetitive Music
-- The character is always toting his "Shocked" Expression. The game even makes fun of it.
-- Only 5 girls. (1 Hidden)
-- The Goddess Board Mini game can \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 off.
-- You have to max out relationships with all the non-hidden girls before you can actually progress.
-- You can't romance the Massage Lady (the Sinful Eden Girl at the title.)

Do not recommend.. NEW REVIEW:

With the addition of the "panty panix" casino game (which plays like some old atari and arcade games from WAAAY back...), this game has been elevated to a (barely) passing grade. With a non-chance related way to gain rep and cash daily (whose cost doesn't make you hide most of your money in the bank), this game is now playable.
This is still a semi-tedious game, however... (not as much of a grind-fest as Intergalactic Bubbles, though... T_T)

Sadly, there are still no achievements, although there ARE Trading Cards for those SHINY SHINY BADGES!!! SQUEEE!!!

Some tips tho:
Get the Eye from the fortune-teller girl ASAP, and look everywhere, both day and night.
Talk to the girls on the phone and write down their responses at her beginning, and after each gift!
Write down anything she says about her life, stats, likes or dislikes (you WILL be quizzed later, at the end-game, on whichever girl you choose).


Ok, this had lots of potential, and the premise is awesome... but not many people will find it fun. Most of it is just gambling at the casino (luck is best, don't hit the skill button or you'll get more awkward reloads) and shoving most of your money in the bank. No real strategy, no consequences of giving the wrong gift to a girl... about the only saving grace to this game imo is the goddess board game. I'm a sucker for a sliding puzzle, and will probably just replay the game for the sliding puzzle minigame tbh. Would have been better if you could get money easier instead of casino every day and a 1-day per week job. Maybe more minigames.. Wasn't sure what to except for this game, but I found it very enjoyable. I will say this though: talk to the ladies often and figure out what they like.. Misleading game, its a gambling simulator i broke the mechanics of the game in a few minuets and was able to back lots of money it dose not have the dating sim cirteria that it spoke of its more like buy suff and buy more stuff and buy more stuff Boring. This was extremely repetetive and unrewarding. I'm usually not one to downvote games just to give them the benefit of the doubt, but this was honestly not good. You earn money to buy all the gifts(extremely boring), buy and gift these presents....and talk a bit to them(not a lot at all). I did finish it, but I have to say it was not worth my time, sadly.. Let me start by saying i supported the game on Greenlight and i have to admit that the final product is disappointing.Aside from the nonexistent gameplay and boring characters the game suffers from multitude of issues like sounds,crashing and bugged mini games.
One of the few games i requested a refund avoid it and don't let the pretty shining graphics fool you.. i cant do it......i just cant

the story is that by the Island law a 19 year old male must get married or else
he will be sacreficed for the goddess and you have 4 girls on the Island to find and date

you need to get cash to buy gifts and reputations by working and playing mini games

the problim with this game
is that there is nothing to do
all of the forced mini games are broken luck based and nerve wracking and somehow impossible to do without losing your nerve

you can only work on tuesday
and the job mini game is as bad as the other nerve wracking mini games
you are working at a call center and they asks questions that no normal person would ask
and good luck guessing those wail reducing your reps to 0

getting reps is super hard and sleeping reduce the reps making things even harder then it supposed to be

you can only save and quit your game in your room
and there is no return to title option

i cant recommend this

and it looks like im going to end up being sacrificed.....to tell you the truth i think its a better option then to live with those painful mini games......... I was hoping for a decently fun game that rewarded you in the same sense as HuniePop. It just feels incomplete and like one of those crap games you bought on the Xbox Live Indie section for $1. Stay away from this unless there is a 90%+ mark off

The main cons of this game:
1. "Reputation" is mainly earned through a single minigame (a 4x4 block puzzle, where you get a different picture every 5 stages). These pictures are usually just pictures of women in underwear\/lingerie. This game gets old VERY quickly and the only other method is by working (which is only allowed on Tuesday) that consists of taking random guesses at the answers to questions that you recieve. You also earn rep by gifting items to girls (but this is difficult, which is explained in point 3) Every time you sleep to advance time, it eats away at the reputation you have gained. So you end up sitting there doing nothing for quite a long period of time since you don't want to lose your "rep"

2. There is straight up nothing to do in this game besides go to every area that is currently unlocked and click on "sparkles" that give you $5 at a time.

3. There is no sensible way to make money. You start the game with a whopping $20 from your mom. Like in every dating sim, you need money to buy gifts. The only way to get that money is by going to the casino (which has TERRIBLE luck). Or working your 1 day a week job. Or by going to different areas and clicking on the sparkles that give $5 more at a time. While gifts range from $20 at the cheapest to $200 for the expensive. So, you end up spending most of the time going the casino and losing your money and running back home to mom to beg for $10. If you somehow manage to obtain $100, you can put it in the bank to earn a small interest.

4. The girls that you are supposed to date and go after have next to no personality. Seriously, they just repeat standard lines such as "I like reading about archeology" and the sort. No voice acting. No real dialog. The girls are just cookie cutter stereotypical "smart librarian" and "stuck up rich girl." You do not get to pick which response you give them. You literally stand in silence and give them gifts and clicking on talk gives you lines such "Maybe i will go read about greek history later" No background to any of them.

5. There is no tutorial and you are just thrown into some guy's life and you are expected to know from day one what his daily routines are. No real backstory, you are just thrown in and have to discover along the way. The only real help is an instructions page on the main menu.

6. There is no settings menu, you are forced to be in full screen and can't change the resolution.

I have honestly seen better flash game dating sims on Newgrounds. This still needs A LOT more work to ask for any type of price tag on this.

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