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Space Pilgrim Academy: Year 1 Torrent Download [serial Number]

Space Pilgrim Academy: Year 1 Torrent Download [serial Number]

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About This Game


Gail Pilgrim. Starship captain, war hero, ambassador for the new Galactic Union and chancellor of the Pilgrim Space Academy.

After everything that she's been through since her carefree days as a common hauler of goods and passengers, there would seem to be very little left in the universe that could possibly daunt her. That is, until the day her crew answers a distress call from Latona Research Station, which proves to be the first chapter in an unprecedented tale of counter-revolution, espionage and betrayal.

Space Pilgrim Academy: Year 1 is a sequel to the popular Space Pilgrim Saga, set nine years after the events of the last episode. In this brand new space adventure, you will play as both Gail Pilgrim and Margaret Dale, the academy's newest recruit.


  • As Gail Pilgrim, encounter some old acquaintances, travel to new locations and begin to uncover the mystery behind the destruction of Latona station.
  • As Margaret Dale, attend classes at the academy: cosmography, xenobiology, engineering and more. You can choose whether to try and impress or annoy the teachers, and your performance will impact her grades at the end of the term. Just remember to keep watch for those dark forces which might seek to do her harm.
  • Continue to relive the days of good old fashioned point-and-click adventure games.
  • About five hours of gameplay for the average player.
  • Mouse, keyboard and controller support.

Title: Space Pilgrim Academy: Year 1
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Pilgrim Adventures
Space Pilgrim
Release Date: 6 Oct, 2017


space pilgrim academy year 1. space pilgrim academy year 1 walkthrough

This whole series is just amazing! Unbeatable prices for a very immersive story! It never gets boring, the single games may seem a little short regarding the playtime, but I enjoyed every minute. I already enjoyed the previous "Space Pilgrim" Series, but "Space Pilgrim Academy" ads a lot more to the game. The world feels deeper, the story developes on from the first series, the graphics look nicer, and there is generally more to do regarding achievements. I can only recommend both series to all of you! Try it, you won't regret it!. I wish I could give this an 'indifferent recommendation' instead of a fully positive or negative one. The Original Space Pilgrim games were quite suprising to me. The graphics were not great, even among other RPG maker games, and the story was nothing spectacular, relying on a lot of tropes. Still it all came together to make a very charming package in its own world with its own lore and was worth the price and the playtime. Now the story continues later on, and in a newer engine and... well... It's not any better. It's not really worse either, there's callbacks to the old story, and some characters to see again. The gameplay is a little dissapointing, since most of the answers you need in the classes aren't possible to find without failinf once and trying again. There's even a library with books that you think you would be able to study but in fact you cannot. (Or at least I didn't figure it out). The game is another linear adventure but the school framework means you don't get as involved in the overarching threat and the school stuff is rather bland on its own. The graphics haven't improved any over the prior games, and neither has anything else. I'm still interested in what happens and had a decent time playing through it, but so far it is my least favorite of the series, and I really hope that some effort goes into taking advantage of the new engine, and improving the experience in all the subsequent games.. This game expands quite a bit on the lore of the Space Pilgrim universe, and is told (mostly) from the perspective of a child. Transitions from Gail's story to Maggie's are, from a storytelling angle, flawless. The plot is as you have come to expect from a Space Pilgrim game -- carefully thought out with underlying greater implications. And while Maggie's decisions are sometimes a little... forced (it's an adventure game, I still love it), this entry is well worth playing. I wait in (giddy) anticipation for the next installment.. This is the fifth game in the Space Pilgrim series, and it´s as enjoyable as the previous chapters. Excellent story telling, engaging polished gameplay, humour... Very enjoyable all in all. Eh, I stopped playing halfway through the second act because I was bored. It's not bad, per se, just more of a point and click story without a lot of challenge. Cutscenes and dialogue can take a while and it just feels slow. I haven't played any other Space Pilgrim games though so maybe it's more fun if you're familiar with the series.. Very hard to write a review for any of the space pilgrim games, because in every review i basically want to write the same thing: Excellent, really excellent story telling. I love the humour, the characters, the universe, the story,... just everything about it. No matter what your preffered genre is, THESE games are an absolutely "must play" for everyone.. Great start to a new adventure with Gail Pilgrim & company.
Here the main character starts out not as Gail but new character Maggie, and Gail & other characters from the previous games are re-introduced as the story progresses.
The pace of this episode is a little slow, deliberately, as the story (& mystery) unfolds & deepens as the story progresses thru each episode. This first episode is mostly an intro for the new characters & the lore of the game universe, & it sets up events for the new storyline. That being said, the ending is quite surprising!
The new series has an improved game engine & UI from the first series; inventory & using items is much more straight forward, & the option to run instead of just walking is fantastic. I also think the general level design is better, simply due to more experience on the dev's part, and I thought using the class tests to refresh/explain game lore was quite clever.. The Space Pilgrim Academy series (Years 1 -3 and Reunion) serves as a welcome continuation of the Space Pilgrim saga. Under the tutelage of the original titular protagonist, you play as and meet new characters as the consequences of her past actions begin to surface and disrupt the current state of galactic affairs.

This series appears to be a tad more ambitious than its predecessor, and leaves a few threads hanging as a precursor to a potential third sequel. While I look forward to experiencing more of the Space Pilgrim universe, the lack of self-contained conclusion does not sit well with me.. What it is: a top-down graphics visual novel. Why I like it: some seriously good science fiction writing.

I'm a big fan of these Space Pilgrim games. Play the previous ones if you haven't yet! And then get pumped for the Academy games! The characters are really well written. I rarely expect much from adolescent characters other than one of two personalities: spunky or shy. But these characters have some real variety of personalities and the stories (and the hijinks they get up to!) are really great. A few of the sidequests feel a little like padding at the time, but ultimately everything has a purpose and serves the plot.

One important word of warning: this is not a game suitable for kids. Without giving too many spoilers, there are acts of terrorism, gunshots, and moments of danger for adolescent characters that adolescent players might find disturbing. It feels weird to give these warnings because the majority of the game is like a young adult novel, incorporating youthful hijinks, politics, school politics, and philosophy about whether androids have souls. It's that kind of sci-fi.

tl;dr fun game, good sci-fi story, 10/10 recommend

Update Sep. 25th, 2018:

  • Now the process name of the game(Return.exe) will be displayed normally in the Task Manager.
  • The screen now pans slightly faster.
  • Fixed an issue where moving platforms would cause player character to get stuck in terrain.
  • Now when the player character jumps, it will be marked in progress bar on the top of the screen.
. Release Notes 1.33 - Achievements:
Hello everyone, finally I was able to implement the consquistas in the game.

I have created some in key points of the journey. I also fixed some minor bugs, and improved the lighting in some phases.

Remembering that even released I'm still working to polish the game even more.. Official PsychoFlux Community Discord server opened!:

Hello there!

We're glad to announce that the PsychoFlux Community Discord server just opened yesterday! Jump in right now; let's just hang out! To join the server, type Discord dot GG, slash PsychoFlux on your browser, or just simply click this link: https://discord.gg/psychoflux

Oh, and perhaps you might grab a chance to talk directly with the developers of our games... so come and check it out.

We'll see you there!.

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