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About This Game

SWARM UNIVERSE is an action-packed top-down shooter. It brings you fast-paced arcade-fighting, online-multiplayer competition and vast modding-possibilities. Press play!


  • Highly competitive
  • Highscore-driven single-player levels & endless arenas
  • Online-multiplayer: free for all & team-play (up to 8 players)
  • Unique, physics driven swarm gameplay
  • Fully integrated level-editor
  • Easy level creation: level geometry, custom enemies & logic circuits
  • Expert level creation: whole new game-modes & cut-scenes through scripting
  • Steam Workshop integration
  • Detail-obsessed and indie to the max


A distant universe. You are welcomed by Bot-7, your virtual host. He introduces you to the possibilities of the SWARM UNIVERSE and guides you through all the wonderful content he has created for you. You embark on a wild ride, as Bot-7 pulls off a twisted chamber play with unexpected mysterious turns.


Highscore-driven and fast-paced, this is a top-down shooter with a unique twist. The gameplay is all about moving like a swarm, getting into the rhythm and developing smooth moves and combinations. The swarm is your weapon and protection, as you take on the challenges of the SWARM UNIVERSE.


From thrilling single-player game-modes to team-based online-multiplayer competition – SWARM UNIVERSE has it all. You get arenas, racetracks, various mini-games and online-multiplayer modes like free for all, team-play (up to 8 players) or capture the flag.


SWARM UNIVERSE features a sophisticated level-editor, giving you powerful tools to easily build level geometry, custom enemies and more. Explore the vast possibilities of the fully integrated toolkit. Quickly create fun little levels, or start developing full blown new game-modes utilizing logic circuits and scripting language. Then share your creation through the Steam Workshop, becoming a fully featured part of the SWARM UNIVERSE. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Swarm Universe
Genre: Action, Indie
Dedication Games
Dedication Games
Release Date: 30 Mar, 2017



Basically a game where you control an army of particles with one large unit.
Pretty unique game concept. Haven't seen that before.

You use your movement plus abilities to control your swarm (?) - In one-on-one combat you basically need to hit the opponent with one of your tiny particles and defend yourself with your own particles. Which sounds easy, but needs practice. Trying to get used to multiplayer at the moment.. Nice Game. The levels are challanging but not to hard. If your are in search of an retro akade game with some refreshing new game mechanics, then you will have some real fun with this game.. It's really fun!. Avoid unless the game is on discount and you already own a controller or stick.
If you want to rebind keyboard controlls for a more ergonomic experience, a restart of the game may be required for the controls to work, and they'll still only provide a clumsy aproximation of control over the swarm.

NO options for mouse controls except for when playing a "shooter mode" that has nothing to do with controlling a swarm.

Didn't bother to try much of the game's content because of the nature of the keyboard controls - this review may be updated after I find my controller.
. My first impression is, that Swarm Universe is a great game! Bot-7 has a great sense of humor and introduces you really well to the game and it's mechanics. The well integrated ranking system gets you hooked. You want to climb the ladder further and further (or at least be better than your friends).
The gameplay itself is fun and challanging at the same time. I have played with the keyboard. The controls are good, but I can imagine that they are even better with a controller. The level editor opens up a huge potential for future maps and game modes. The price is fair for the amount of content that you get. I can definitly recommend this game!. Hier mal meine +-

+ Fl\u00fcssiges Spielen (kein einziger lag aufgefallen)
+ Herausfordernd
+ Angenehme Musik
+ Witziger 'Kommentator' (alias bot.7 )
+ Man merkt die Liebe zum Detail

- Steuerung mit dem Keyboard ist mit 4 Tasten nicht genau genug (ja bot-7 emfpielt ein gamepad ... das hab ich nicht). Ich w\u00fcrde empfehlen eine Stuerung \u00fcber 9 Tasten (Nummernpad) oder noch besser mit der Maus zu unterst\u00fctzen.
- Die ersten Level sind etwas zu schwer f\u00fcr Einsteiger und da passt das Frust vs. Belohnungs-Verh\u00e4ltnis noch nicht ganz
- Eine Audio-Wiedergabe vom bot-7 w\u00fcrde ich bevorzugen ... zu viel zu lesen ;-)
. Great top down game with a truly unique combat system.

-Great Controls
-Fun Combat
-Nice graphics (screenshots don't really do it justice, game looks much better in motion)
-Varied enemies, lots of levels
-Great price
-Extensive modding tools

-Havent noticed any yet. Fast paced game. Fair price for the amount of entertainment you get. Single player to get used to the game mechanics. The muliplayer has different modes like capture the flag. I can create my own maps and creatures, which is awesome! The editor is a bit overwhelming so that will take some more time to get used to.

Reminds me of geometry wars but has more to offer. I like it!. genius mechanics... and extremely fun
..but also rage inducing. But that's not a negative thing....all my favorite games are rage inducing. Haven't played long enough to say much more, other than the fact it's definately worth buying.

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