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The Duel Of Champions Download ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Duel Of Champions

Genge: Action,Drama,History







































A duel takes place in order to put an end to the long and bloody war between the Romans and the Albans. Three valiant brothers are chosen for each side. The Romans choose three brothers: the Orazi. The Albans are represented by the Curiazi. During the fierce and bloody final duel the Romans defeat their opponents.
Romans and the Albans both have been loosing way to many men in battles. 3 brothers from each are chosen in the end to fight to the death in one final battle to settle the dispute but it doesn't quite go as planned.

This is rather drab film. Routine peplum with nothing special to add to the genre, it only gives us one more history peplum to throw into the mix - and a very bland account of it.

Cheers for the costuming and prop eye-candy, boo for the tedious way of telling us the story.

2/10 In the ancient Rome , during the pre-Republic period , general Horatio (Alan Ladd) is wounded and imprisoned by Albanos and accused as cowardice by Romans. The prodigal Horacio fled and he has come home but the Romans distrust . Then Horacio is redeemed on the final confrontation . Then , a combat takes place in order to put an end to the long and bloody war between the Romans and the Albans . The king of Rome , Tulio Hostilio (Robert Keith) accords King of Alba-Longa a challenge between three members of Horatius family (Jacques Sernas , Ladd) and three brothers Albanos (Franco Fabrizi , among others). They fight a duel to decide who will rule . At the ending happens the fierce and lethal battle . This unforgettable heroic action was immortalized by French painter Louis David in the painting titled 'Under oath of the Horacios' .

This is a sword and sandals movie with action , adventures , fighting and based on legendary deeds in which three different brothers are chosen for each side : the Romans choose the Orazi and The Albans are represented by the Curiazi . The film shows difference between cultured Romans and savage and illiterate Albanos , but this question is historically contradictory . The Paramout star , Alan Ladd , was in frank decadence , he plays with apathy and indifference and acted without wage various weeks when the production was declared insolvency . After that , he played 'Carpetbaggers' and suddenly died by alcoholism . His sister Alana Ladd plays as Scilla . The screenplay is written by prestigious writers with future and important careers , such as : Carlo Lizzani , Guliano Montalvo and Luciano Vincenzoni (Sergio Leone's usual) . Spectacular musical score by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino (Peplum's habitual) . The film was directed by Terence Young and Ferdinando Baldi . Subsequently , Young directed successful James Bond films : ¨Bond vs Dr No¨ and ¨From Russia with love¨. In the Italian version only appears as filmmaker Ferdinando Baldi , he's an expert director of Peplum (Arminius , massacre in Black Forest , Son of Cleopatra , David and Goliath) and Spaghetti Western (Viva Django, Adios Texas).

The picture set during first Roman epoch with the king Tulio Hostilio. Formerly ruled Romulo and Numa Pompilio (events developed in 'Romulo and Remo' by Sergio Corbucci with Steve Reeves and Gordon Scott) , after succeeded the king Tarquino (deeds narrated in 'Mucius Scevola' by Giorgio Ferroni with Gordon Scott , also starring of 'Coroliano'). Other movies about the Roman pre-Republic , the Roman monarchy , are the followings : 'Kidnapping of Sabinas' (1961 , Richard Pottier with Jean Marais and Roger Moore) and 'Virgins of Rome' (1966, Vittorio Cottafavi with Louis Jordan) , among them.

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