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The NADI Project Patch

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About This Game

The NADI Project it is a graphic adventure, inspired by the already best-known successes of "The Vanishing of Ethan Carter" and of "Ether One", in which 5d3b920ae0

Title: The NADI Project
Genre: Adventure, Free to Play, Indie
Monkeys Tales Studio
Monkeys Tales Studio
Release Date: 1 Jun, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10
  • Processor: Intel i5 3.20 GHz Dual Core CPU
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM


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Goog game overall. It has a somewhat outdated and poorly optimised graphics, a bit clanky controls, but all in all plays decently and has a nice story.. No invert mouse settings. It is useless to me.. if i was faced with the option to play this game again or eat a bowl of $hit, id eat a bowl of $hit and ask for seconds!!. Poor Story/Poorly Optimized Game/Dull Visuals/Terrible Guidance For Progression I'm sure we all reached that point in the game where we have the Axe/Rag/Stick and had zero idea on how to progress the game. I knew I was suppose to go through the cave, but I couldn't go without a light, so obviously the next step would involve the lantarn right next to the cave. I have spent a good 30 minutes exploring all the areas for maybe a lighter or something, but it turns out to get in the cave you don't use the lantarn, you instead combine the stick/rag together then use it on a container of tar, OF COURSE THIS IS THE MOST LOGICAL CONCLUSION!!!! Why use the damn lantarn when you can simply combine two items and hopefully come to the conclusion of using it on what appears to be another useless interactable object like ever other object in the game. So my thoughts, for a free game there is potential to this, but when you have a game with poor grapics set on LOW and its pushing my computer that has a Nvidia 980/16 GB of RAM/i7 Processer then there is clear optimization issues to your game. Also I know in the start of your game you say it doesn't hold your hand but guess what maybe thats the issue here, having a little guidance once in awhile is better then leaving the player having no idea what to do next. If you guys want to play a good free game on steam then try. (Cry Of Fear / Blameless / Transmissions: Element 120 / Only If / Dr Langeskov) At least with these games your not regreting for wasting an hour of your like this game.. Extremely buggy.

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