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The Sea Raiders Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

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Original Title: Sea Raiders

Genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,War










































The Sea Raiders, a band of foreign agents, led by Carl Tonjes and Elliott Carlton, blow up a freighter on which Billy Adams and Toby Nelson are stowaways, seeking to avoid Brack Warren, a harbor patrol officer assigned to guard a new type of torpedo boat built by Billy's brother, Tom Adams. Intended targets or not, getting blown up does not set well with Billy and Toby and, together with their gang coupled with the members of the Little Tough Guys, they find the Sea Raiders' island hideout, investigate the seacoast underground arsenal of these saboteurs, get blasted from the air, dragged to their doom, become victims of the storm, entombed in a tunnel and even periled by a panther before they don the uniforms of some captured Sea Raiders and board a yacht that serves as headquarters for the Raiders.
The Dead End Kids go after a gang known as the Sea Raiders, which is sinking Allied shipping.
It's exciting!

I had been watching serials of the 1930's. The code back then was, you could have music in the intro, but not during the story unless it was in the setting, like a restaurant with a band or something. But that changed later. This was the first serial I had watched in awhile from the early 40's. There is a music soundtrack through out and it makes it much more exciting for the action scenes as well as the non action sequences.

Maybe a bit of a spoiler coming....but IT IS EXCITING! Car chases, boat chases, fights, explosions, tough talk, jokes, fights, a panther, attacks from the air, octopus and sharks, submarines, fights, and music to go with it all! Moves right along, and for what it is, it is very well made.

Wow! I was excited. A very entertaining serial. I think I must have seen this as a kid. Second of three serials made by a variation of the Dead End Kids, East Side Kids, Little Tough Guys and Bowery Boys is a step up from the previous Junior G-Men. Here the boys are once more fighting bad guys but this time in and around the docks, so instead of being land locked and stuck in and around the city we have water based dangers and adventures. To be certain the thrills are purely by the numbers but the waterside setting adds a point or two to the interest factor. As with the first serial the effects are less then special with many shot clearly using mattes, rear screen or models (one need only watch the opening credits to see model work). Made with slightly more care than the first serial its still clear that there is a certain amount of disinterest on the part of the cast and crew who seem to be going through the motions. Certainly watchable, this is something that I'd suggest for a slow undemanding afternoon when your other viewing choices are limited.


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