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UTOPIA 9 - A Volatile Vacation Hacked

UTOPIA 9 - A Volatile Vacation Hacked

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About This Game

Title: UTOPIA 9 - A Volatile Vacation
Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 5 May, 2016

English,French,Danish,Polish,German,Finnish,Swedish,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

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Amazing game! The Co-op is really where it struck home for me, great way to kill a few hours with a friend. They are realeasing awesome updates consistantly and I can't wait to see how to game changes over the next few months.. And the purple blood flowed like wine. Utopia 9 comes out of nowhere and adds itself to the list of alltime great twinstick shooters available on Steam. Ranking right up there with the newly released rogue twinsticks - Enter the Gungeon and Neon Chrome - Utopia 9 has a certian charm that makes it feel unique. The shooting mechanics feel very solid and are quite satisfying as aliens pop with a gory purple delight. Add in multiple firearms, melee weapons, mutations, a martian theme, and stylish graphics for the cherry on top. I'm really diggin it so far. Another interesting addition becomes hunting down the aliens that have killed your fellow tourists and exacting revenge. It's tough though because not only do th e aliens use fallen tourists weapons but they also become more powerful and heavily armored with each tourist they kill. IMO Utopia is only lacking an endless horde mode set in an open arena. I believe an arena mode is currently being considered by the devs so one can only hope! A+ title.. Seriously, why isn't this game more popular ? It has a great visual style, a very good gameplay that has managed to strike a perfect balance between tactic and mindless slaughter, it has a lot of weapons, and since you can dual-wield every one-handed weapons, there's many, many combo to try ! I love the big splatters of pinkish blood, and the impact of weapons, whether melee, explosive, shotgun-like, laser-like or regulars feels very satisfying. You're not just hiting sprites in a videogame, you can really feel them exploding to bits . it just feels great, i dunno. And like i said, it's not a game of mindless slaughter . entirely. As the game progresses, you have to get better and devellop strategies, either for trapping enemies in a choke hold or near explosive stuff, or to find the best combo of weapon that allows you to deal with every situation. You're not just blasting mutated tourists, you're thinking, too. It's . a smart kind of slaughter. If you just go in and blast everything, you will die fast. It's not the hardest isaac-like, but it's not easy. Ah ! And there's this thing called Nemesises. Nemesiss. Nemeses. Nemesis plural. See when you die, the ex-tourist, now mutated psycho-monster who killed you, takes your stuff, and gets a MASSIVE boost of strenght and possibly, self-confidence, turning him into a . Nemesis ! STAAAAAARS ! (it don't say Staaaaars. i'm just emotionnaly scarred by RE3) And The next tourist you play is gonna have to deal with it. It's fun. It turns a game over into something fun. How many games managed to achieve that, huh ? It's. a. good. Game !! It's smart, it's violent, sound design is great, it has local cool if you happen to have non-digital friends, it's just a good game ! Buy it ! And then publish a review here so it gets more sells because it u2665u2665u2665u2665in deserve it ! Maybe it doesn't have enough mutations though . (passives you get for leveling) Wish there was at least a dozen more . I don't know, companions, satellites, this kind of thing. But it's a minor gripe really. Thanks for reading. I'm french, doing my best with english. Hope it's alright.. This game really has a lot going for it. It features some stunning yet cute graphics and some very addictive gameplay. It sort of reminds me of Captain Keen meets Diablo, only with ragdoll physics, sick weapons and some great sound effects. One minute you're shooting easy dudes with your pistol, the next you're hammering away at a mini-boss with some crazy laser cannon. Then you're out of ammo and have to beat it with your suitcase. There is also some interesting customisation options with the mutation system. Basically you're turning into an ammo-grabbing juggernaut. Oh, and did I mention. It's very VERY challenging. You start out in a short intro-level and you think "I got this." But wait, because you don't. Somehow even with the most high-powered weapons and body armour these mutants always get me. That's why I like to stun them one by one, just to feel like I'm pawning them for a change. If you didn't already, you will definitely want to buy this must-have gem of a game. If this is early access I can't even imagine what the full release will be like.. i would recomend to all nuclear throne fans!. Very enjoyable twin-stick shooter. I would say a controller is mandatory because evading enemy fire is more important than accuracy, even if ammunition is sometimes tight. Once you know the game well, it takes about 40-60 minutes to do a full run and there are a number of mutators which can be put in place to very the experience (for example, steroids that increase carrying capacity but decrease stealth). The enemies come in a limited variety of types (normal, bigger, biggest), but they carry all the weapons in the game and use them reasonably intelligently - their A.I. also gives them a range of behaviors (sometimes they will even flee to find friends). When your character is killed, an enemy will pick up his gear and acquire a name - you will then be able to defeat that foe on a future run to recover your lost loot. This and other small touches (such as retaining the crashed hulks of previous tourist ships) lend the game the feeling of a semi-persistent environment, even if the core principles (kill mutants, find better gear, submit a complaint to the office) remain the same from one run to the next. There are 40 or so weapons, ranging from the humble pistol and swung suitcase up to FPS staples like railguns and chainsaws. Your character has four slots for weapons and big guns use two slots, but have both a primary and secondary fire, giving you some choice in how to use them. Overall, I thought the guns were satisfying to use and sounded effective, so no complaints there. Performance wise, I thought the game looked decent, with plenty of purple mutant blood sprayed everywhere after intense fights and generally bright and upbeat graphics. I didn't experience any frame rate drops or crashes.. UTOPIA 9, When I got this game, I had no expectations, no knowledge or anything about the game. I just dug right into it. It's something special. I mean, it looks like many other games of the same genre. But this in particular has some unique rogue-like features to it, that I most certainly love. The game itself is easy to learn, and quickly you will play it once or twice a day, just because you want to clear the place where you died. I won't spoil anything, since I think you should learn for yourself. I deffinetely recommend buying this.

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