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Visual Novel Maker - Nostalgic Music Box Vol.1 Activation Code Free

Visual Novel Maker - Nostalgic Music Box Vol.1 Activation Code Free

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About This Content

TK Projects brings you 22 nostalgic, soft and gentle music box sounds for the ultimate mood setting ambiance. Featuring simple, cheerful, elegant, peaceful, sometimes dark and remorseful, many moods and emotions are covered in this versatile music pack. Also features retro, down-sampled versions of each track for a total of 44 tracks.


  • 22 gentle music box BGM tracks for your RPG Maker game and Visual Novel Maker projects and more!
  • Music for nostalgic, calm, emotional, flash back, everyday life scenarios.
  • .mp4, .ogg file formats are included.
  • Also includes 22 retro / down-sampled versions for a total of 44 tracks


1. NMB1_BGM01_Done For Me
2. NMB1_BGM02_Done For Me_Retro
3. NMB1_BGM03_Palace
4. NMB1_BGM04_Palace_Retro
5. NMB1_BGM05_I Miss You
6. NMB1_BGM06_I Miss You_Retro
7. NMB1_BGM07_We don’t talk anymore
8. NMB1_BGM08_We don’t talk
9. NMB1_BGM09_Tears
10. NMB1_BGM10_Tears_Retro
11. NMB1_BGM11_Love Yourself
12. NMB1_BGM12_Love Yourself_Retro
13. NMB1_BGM13_One Last Time
14. NMB1_BGM14_One Last Time_Retro
15. NMB1_BGM15_Say Something
16. NMB1_BGM16_Say Something_Retro
17. NMB1_BGM17_Lush Life
18. NMB1_BGM18_Lush Life_Retro
19. NMB1_BGM19_Break Free
20. NMB1_BGM20_Break Free_Retro
21. NMB1_BGM21_Shake It Off
22. NMB1_BGM22_Shake It Off_Retro
23. NMB1_BGM23_Cry Me A River
24. NMB1_BGM24_Cry Me A River_Retro
25. NMB1_BGM25_Hometown Glory
26. NMB1_BGM26_Hometown Glory_Retro
27. NMB1_BGM27_By The Grace Of God
28. NMB1_BGM28_By The Grace Of God_Retro
29. NMB1_BGM29_If You Love Me
30. NMB1_BGM30_If You Love Me_Retro
31. NMB1_BGM31_Because of You
32. NMB1_BGM32_Because of You_Retro
33. NMB1_BGM33_All I Want
34. NMB1_BGM34_All I Want_Retro
35. NMB1_BGM35_Better Together
36. NMB1_BGM36_Better Together_Retro
37. NMB1_BGM37_Every Breath You Take
38. NMB1_BGM38_Every Breath You Take_Retro
39. NMB1_BGM39_Can We Talk
40. NMB1_BGM40_Can We Talk_Retro
41. NMB1_BGM41_You Take My Breath Away
42. NMB1_BGM42_You Take My Breath Away_Retro
43. NMB1_BGM43_When I Was Your Man
44. NMB1_BGM44_When I Was Your Man_Retro b4d347fde0

Title: Visual Novel Maker - Nostalgic Music Box Vol.1
Genre: Web Publishing
Release Date: 26 Jul, 2018


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