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About This Game

Wanderlust is a first person exploration game were you take a long journey between worlds.
The adventure takes place in the dreams of a man addicted to consuming illegal substances.
The game mainly consists to explore and feel the surrounding environment of a fantastic world.
A magnificent experimental game made to delight your sensory system. 1075eedd30

Title: Wanderlust
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Eternity Studios
Eternity Studios
Release Date: 1 Nov, 2017


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Really enjoyed the different art styles each of the different levels that I played. Only thing I would change is at least let us know what to look for in some way like maybe song pace picking up when you are going in the right direction? That's probably really complicatated and too much to ask for though. Really did enjoy wandering aimlessly through it to a great soundtrack!. Verdict: Not worth your time unless you want to get it, finish it and refund it after that. Otherwise stay away.

Bearable download size
4th world is just beautiful

1.6Gb download size / 7.3Gb disk size
The music doesn't suit the worlds at all
Walking simulator with no story or narration
It gets boring really fast
The door levels
6,99€ for about 12 minutes of content
No trading cards
No achievements (the 1 that is present is not unlockable in game)
Unity engine
Invisible walls
Most worlds actually look quite horendous in motion (but great on screenshots)
Graphic glitches (mainly noticeable in city level)
Shadow glitches (the same thing)
No reason to explore
Abandoned - no responses in discussion, no game fixes
"a long journey" is a bloody lie
"feel the surrounding" another lie - there are no interactions at all
"mainly consists" - only consists of
frame drops in world 4 if you look up and back (too many particle effects). This game let me just sit back and relax. Explore simple but beautiful vaporwave realms. I enjoyed escaping my day and listening to the music while walking around taking screenshots for my desktop background collection.. I am collecting walking simulators and surreal adventures and i can tell this is definitely a good one. There's a good variety of enviroments, graphics and OST are on spot. I've been playing on a fullHD proyector and visuals were definitely amazing.
I think the game is underrated by the reviews, so if you are in these kind of thinks you should definetely check it out.. Wanderlust. It is a first person walking simulator game, you walk through different sceneries of backgrounds, like different biomes of places. Beautiful graphics and the music selection suited the different places that was shown. Playing this made me calm and relaxed looking at the beautiful scenes.

However this game is extremely short for $7.99. I'd say it's overpriced for what it is, but you have you admire the work and ethic that was shown right in the screenshots and gameplay.. Took me 19 minutes to play.

Smoke a big ole spliff when you're by yourself and play this game, it might take you longer to play.

I enjoyed what they did here and I think I got the game as part of a bundle someplace so it's a bonus for me.

Oh, and when a buddy is over have them smoke a big ole spliff and play the game as well!. I would give it a positive review if it was more polished. But for as it is now, it's unoptimised and lacks any real narrative substance. It runs terribly on 1080ti so.... It's a majestic experience, seriously. Have a drink or two, smoke up, eat a couple fun guys, and\/or let yourself go. I wish I could find more games like this.. it's beautiful.

Bizarre worlds, amazing foilage (be sure to get up close and really inspect them), perfect gradients, lighting, shading on textures, and shadows at every turn. A perfect soundtrack. Wisps giving me hints to the path ahead. Partical effects covering the screen. Shiny things drawing my attention.

There was curiosity behind every move I made in this game. I finished it in 34 minutes (saw the first two maps played by someone on youtube), but I'm surely going to play it again.

The only downfalls I had in my first playthrough were that 1) my computer was *struggling* to play it at a 1920x1080 resolution and I regularly play games at '2k'. 10-60FPS range throughout the entire thing, mostly in the 20-35 area, and down to 10-15 in some maps. The map with the dandelion-like particles was so bad the audio was stuttering. 2) the maps are constricted by invisible walls; I get why, but it really does 'remove' you from the experience. 3) the transitions between each map were harsh, cut off the music, and interupted the experience--it would be much better if they faded into one another.

Anywho, A+ game and I can't wait to play it again. I'm going to wait a couple days in hopes that I forget the path to the end.

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