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About This Game

Wild Guns Reloaded is a fast-paced arcade-style shooter, mixing the Wild West with steampunk. Play as Clint, Annie, Doris, or Bullet the dog with his sentry drone. Grab som 5d3b920ae0

Title: Wild Guns Reloaded
Genre: Action
NatsumeAtari Inc.
Natsume Inc.
Release Date: 11 Jul, 2017


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quot;Wild Guns: Reloaded" is a remastered and slightly modified version of the 1994 SNES title. It's a shooting gallery shoot-'em-up divided in acts, each containing a set of scenes with waves of enemies, similar in concept to arcade on-rails shooters such as "Time Crisis" and "House of the Dead". Each scene takes place in a pseudo-3D environment, with the player characters moving horizontally across the foreground while the enemies appear from multiple different directions in the background. Gameplay consists in surviving an onslaught of enemies for each scene for a set amount of time. To defeat enemies, the player must use the D-pad/analog stick to move the player character and the target reticle around the screen. The catch, however, is that both the character and the reticle move at the same time, with the reticle moving only slightly faster than the character him/herself. This requires the player to think slightly ahead in particularly chaotic situations, as moving the reticle in place to fire at an enemy could also mean walking into someone's line of fire. If the fire button is held down, the player character will remain in place while the target reticle can be moved freely. The player is also capable of jumping; tapping the jump button twice will cause a double jump. Also, while fire is held down, the player can press the jump button plus a direction on the D-pad/analog stick to perform a tactical roll in that direction, during which the character is invulnerable, but also rendered unable to move at the end of the roll animation for a few frames. Incoming fire can either be avoided by walking or rolling away from the line of fire, or it can also be neutralized by shooting down enemy projectiles. For every enemy projectile neutralized in this manner, a meter located at the bottom of the screen will slowly fill up. Once it's full, the character enters in a temporary invincibility state, during which they're also capable of using the powerful vulcan cannon to mow down even the most powerful enemies with ease. This system creates a very interesting risk-reward incentive, where the player is given the option to either play it safe and avoid all the shots, or stand their ground and try to shoot down incoming fire which can be very challenging but pays off well in the end, if done right. In traditional shoot-'em-up fashion, the player has the option to use a screen-clearing bomb should they find themselves overwhelmed. The game is set in a dystopian steampunk/space Western setting. The original vanilla characters Clint and Annie return, but "Reloaded" introduces two more: Bullet, a dog whose gimmick is that it fights using a drone which autotargets enemies within a certain radius and only gets stunned when shot, which is very nice for beginners; and Doris, a demolition expert who fights by only tossing grenades, and is, in turn, recommended for more experienced players. Throughout the game, the player is presented with a variety of environments, all of which contain a multitude of background objects and details. Pretty much anything on screen can be shot, damaged or outright destroyed. In fact, the game encourages players to absolutely raise hell and destroy more persistent objects as they will reveal useful items such as sapphire/ruby stones (for amassing score and earning extra lives as a result) and screen-clearing bombs. It's pretty amazing that this much sprite manipulation was being done on the SNES, even if the original version would suffer from a bit of slowdown and sprite flickering here and there (which here, of course, is no longer an issue). Looking at all the collateral damage after all the waves have been defeated is also really cool. "Reloaded" was worked on by the same Natsume staff responsible for the 1994 release and, as such, retains the soul and essence that made the original so fun. The remaster also improves upon a number of aspects, such as local multiplayer now supporting up to four players; widescreen support, with environments having been redrawn to compensate for the extra space provided by 16:9 displays; a rearranged version of the soundtrack that doesn't suck (take note, Square Enix); and a couple new acts made especially for this version; plus achievements and leaderboards. Make no mistake, this is far from being a mere emulation from the original. "Wild Guns: Reloaded" is a fantastic game and I had a blast with it. It's challenging but never feels unfair, which is great. If you played the original and want to revisit it, then go right ahead. If you never did, then this is your chance, as this remaster, while it adds a few things on top of the original version, is still very faithful to what made the SNES release so charming and fun.. This is a cool, unique shooting game, best for players that want to repeat levels over and over in pursuit of a perfect run. It's worth noting that multiplayer mode doesn't have any continues, so it's not a great couch co-op experience unless everybody playing is extremely good.. Amazing game :) Tough but fair! Memorization helps, but skillful play is what beats the game.. Wild Guns was already pretty cool. This is a really cool enhanced remake of that game.. As someone who has been trying to get the SNES original for DECADES, it's great to finally own this game in an official capacity. It's as fun and as challenging as it ever was with new characters and mechanics to boot.. Wish it had online multiplayer but it's still great to shoot robots as a doggo

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