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Original Title: Zakhmi Dil

Genge: Action,Drama,Romance


















































Jaidev Anand is a celebrity, and lives a fairly isolated life. One day he comes to the rescue of a young woman, Vandana Acharya, and falls in love with her. Vandana respects him, but falls in love with another man, Abhimanyu. This news shatters Jaidev, but he decides not to tell Vandana anything. Then the jeep in which Abhimanyu and Vandana were traveling is attacked by an assailant named D.K., and as a result Abhimanyu gets killed. Jaidev is sorry for Vandana, but gets his hopes up enough to propose to her, and to his joy, she accepts. The plans are on for an early marriage, but before that could happen Vandana meets a single mother, Gayetri, and her son. It is then she finds out that Jaidev is already married, and also has a son. What possible reason could Jaidev have for not sharing this information with Vandana?
Zakhmi Dil is a horrible film and it seems like 50-60 scenes just put together in the last minute without any editing because it is worse than any routine love story. The film is so bad it makes you cringe and lucky I didn't see this in the theatre because after exactly 20 minutes I stopped watching. I saw it on Zee Cinema 2 years back again and then I realised that this was the same romantic crap film which had Akshay in the main lead with a done to death actress moon moon sen. The film isn't just an ordinary love story but extremely melodramatic. The villain is just some random guy who wants to harm people for no apparent reason and I remember that every Akki film must have bits of action despite being a romantic crap like this. Akshay Kumar hams it up so badly in this film, he is given the role of a calm musician but he even hams his calm role up. It seems like the final action scene is also retarted because it randomly pops out of nowhere and Raza Murad is typical. I wish I could give this film a 0 but IMDb doesn't allow this. Moon Moon Sen is terrible and looks like a crap B Grade actress. Ashwini Bhave does an extremely horrible job because she bores in her single mother role. In short, Zakhmi Dil is such a crap film that even hardcore fans of Akshay won't like it, even Aarzoo was better than this.
Zakhmi Dil is an impossibly bad film. It is a movie that does not make sense at all. The writing and the acting are equally theatrical. The dialogues are very melodramatic and the movie goes rounds and rounds without ever really managing to tell a story. Some of the scenes were really laughable, and some of the characters particularly made me think the movie was made to fool audiences. It's rather surprising, considering the film's writer is none other than Sachin Bhowmick, who has written the scripts of some very good films. And it is actually the awful direction that makes this movie so unbearable. Here, we see a story that had been told thousand times before, and the entire track of music is very unbelievable. The movie stars Akshay Kumar, who tries hard to convince the viewers that he is a calm musician. He is soft-spoken and restrained but never effective enough to leave a mark. Moon Moon Sen gets a pathetic role and her acting is bad enough to leave the impression of the role as it is and even worsen it. Other cast members are equally forgettable. The music is also average and uninspiring. Zakhmi Dil is really an awful effort which I highly recommend you to avoid.


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