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About This Game

Inevitability is a game where you can build your own starships part by part in a massive randomly generated universe. With eight different factions spanning four alien races you can help them or plunder them for scrap and new parts!

Other features include:
  • Sandbox mode- Explore the cosmos with unlimited resources and no threat of being raided by angry factions.
  • Community Ships- Upload your ship in the ship building menu and others will see your ship exploring the cosmos in a future update!
  • Technology Tree- Upgrade your fleet of star-ships and stations with new parts that you find throughout the universe.
  • Play the game how you want- If you want to be an economic powerhouse making smart trades for new parts and drones that mine for your automatically or a ruthless space pirate that kills everything it comes in contact with you can do it!
  • New free updates constantly- We plan on supporting Inevitability with new features for a long time and have some big plans for future additions.
  • From the community- Extremely receptive to the community. Every one of our updates includes some features either inspired by the community or directly from them. We love hearing for you guys!

Title: Inevitability
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
SFS Studios
SFS Studios
Release Date: 24 Aug, 2015


  • OS: Windows Vista
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1 GB available space


On one hand, the game's still unpolished at the time of this writing. It could use some texture work, balancing, new parts, et cetera. The dev says they're working on it.

On the other hand, the gameplay is neat and the dev is really responsive to bug reports, suggestions, and general requests. And not touchy about said suggestions, which is a nice change from some other games I've played. :V

In general, within the quests, you go from mission to mission. Every now and then, you'll get jumped by a few ships from a rival faction - just to keep you on your toes. Weapons include direct fire, missiles, and turrets, The current best strategy seems to be to load up on shields and just make a Borg cube, but I suspect gameplay will grow in that respect.

Treat it like an early access game without the tag, and... well. I've spent 5 bucks on FAR worse games than this. IMHO, it's a worthwhile buy, especially at the current price. Get in early, and you can probably help mold the game too.. (THIS IS A REVIEW THAT CAN CHANGE DEPENDING ON FUTURE UPDATES AND DEVELOPMENT)

The game uses an interface control that is not user friendly and rarely uses the mouse at all, relying instead on alt, control key, backspace, and spacebar. The ship editor puts you into a mining screen instead of an actual ship designer screen similar reassemble. I have yet to figure out how to return to open space from a planet's orbit.

I couldn't care less about the graphics and sound, it's just the playability that is wonked.

Suggestions: reset feature for tutorial so you can start it over again and a more robust tutorial session. Also fix the ship editor so you are not dropped into a mining operation.. This is a great game! I wish the ship could turn using something other than the mouse ,like q and e but that is all i have to say. Just an overall amazing game.. Honestly, so far, I enjoy the whole idea of the game and would love to see it developed further, but there are far too many bugs, almost to the point of being unplayable. I constantly crash after certain points in game as well. On the bright side, there is a dedicated developer who listens and responds well to it's players. Assuming that he continues to build on to this game, I will come back once these game-breaking bugs get fixed. For now, it needs much improving. Unfortunately, until the game is at least playable, I would not recommend this game.. In contrast to my other reviews, I'll try<\/i> to keep this one short. I'm getting a refund, and here's why:

This game is not complete. Not only content wise (description here is highly misleading), there are rendering bugs, weird gameflow issues, weird design decisions and probably a bonus memory leak.
I know the game's just ~2 USD (and trust me, it shows!), but since space games are my favorite theme, it really saddens me to see the wasted potential here. A month of two of polishing would've made wonders for this project.
It feels like an Alpha at most. I'd probably be way more accepting if it was Early Access, and wouldn't go for the refund.

- Very neat concept, hunting ships and mining for new parts, then building your own ship.
- Ships and drones work as intended after built. Decent customization allowing for faster\/agile ships, versus bigger and tankier ones. Drone focused, missile focused or laser focused. Balanced builds. Etc.

- Weird UI, Weird control scheme. Constructing the ship is more annoying than it should, with a very<\/b> small grid without a zoom feature.
- Graphical and sound assets are bad. I usually don't mind this, but when I see a robot-human drawn in paint it kind of hurts.
- Terrible writing, with insane amount of typos and weird content. "These are spiritual beings that possess trees for mobility" is probably one of the most intriguing things I've ever read.
- Rendering, UI and AI issues.
- Very dumb or silly AI.

Hopefully we see more updates from the devs. It seems they finished the hardest\/worst part (technical issues, procgen, sandbox world, ship building, faction, quests and other systems), and didn't care for the rest..or polishing the finished systems.

WIth a dozen other similar games either released or in Early Access at the moment, Inevitability sits in a very rough spot.. This game is very hard to really review. Let me go over some quick bullet points before I go throwing around my 2 cents.

Things that are objectively good:

-Absolutely GREAT Dev. Amazing guy and actually CARES about how his game's finished product will be.
-Frequent fixes, patches, and support all around.
-Gameplay is simple enough to get and so are the controls.
-Fairly cheap for what it is and how well it actually runs.
-Block based physics building WITH collision damage being a thing for once in these kind of games.

Now, Some things that are objectively terrible.

-Music. All of it but the main menu.
-AI (Which is being fixed in the update after this review, But I'm going to add it because I don't really know how much the AI will be repaired.)
-Building mechanics are VERY precise. Extremely so if working to replace one block in the middle of your ship.
-Some of the art is... I hate to admit, But it's terrible. (Something I hope to be fixed soon, Granted nobody falls down the stairs again.)
-Lacking of PASSIVE inertial dampening causes me to sometimes slam into\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665and makes me want to die a little inside.
-NO REAL CLEAR DESCRIPTION OF ANY BLOCKS EVER. Most are straight forward, But some are just 'WHAT DOES IT DO?!'
-Drones being complete crap in battle. Really only good for repairs.

Ok, Now that those are out of the way... Let me actually go through why I would in fact recommend this game with the stuff I said is bad.

The game itself for a lacking of a better word is rather basic, And simple too play. It's got the potential to be a master-piece among the titles of 'King Arthur's gold' or 'Terraria' given time and more development. It has great replay-ability if you're into building and simple physics-y games. The mechanics of the game aren't fully flushed out yet in terms of resourcing from the feels of things, But this is something fixed over time rather then all at once. Even 'Space Engineers' took well into months of Dev with a whole team of people working on it to tweak it to be any \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665ing good at all.

It's actually very fun for being very simple. It feels fun all around for the most part and with new content being added each update and the updates and fixes being quite small and frequent, I usually look forward to seeing the game after each update.

One of the points that I feel though is that story mode is a little lacking and lack luster, But the open sandbox play is still quite fun.

Now, The draw backs that the game has CURRENTLY that I feel will be more influential and flushed out later are the factions. The factions to me seem reeeeeally pointless... But I think it's not a lacking of effort, and more about needing to have more time to really implement them.

Let me just mention the Dev though... He is actually REALLY nice and can really take, and often does, a lot of criticism. Really what some people need to understand is that he is only ONE GUY who does pretty much everything from what I hear, And almost never gets any outside help past some occasional forum suggestions for things he already actually has planned. Who else can say that they alone made a game that has even HALF the good things I've mentioned above?

And with all this being said, It all really boils down to, Yes the game is fun, runs great, is done by one very fantastic guy with an idea, and has just god awful music with an amazing, Passionate Dev whose not going to abandon his project just because some child doesn't understand the game creation possess.

Overall, I'd say the game deserves a chance and is actually VERY MUCH WORTH the cheap price $5.

7\/10, Recommended to people who like and enjoy the simple things in games.. Wanted to like it, it seems like a neat concept, but the execution simply isn't that good. Very little explanation, a bunch of hotkeys you have to remember, clumsy menus... In the end it really comes down to how unclear the game is about what you have to do.

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