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Junk Jack Download Complete Edition

Junk Jack Download Complete Edition

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About This Game

Make the world truly yours in Junk Jack, a relaxing sandbox experience focused on building and improving your home. Tame and breed creatures, cook foods, collect animal companions, farm exotic plants, collect fish, grow flowers, play with your friends!

Travel in procedural planets full of content to discover, monsters to combat, crafts to learn and loot to equip or simply proudly display in your home.

All of this is possible in Junk Jack, and much more will be possible in the future. We have much more fun stuff to do planned forthcoming!

  • Use portals to travel between 12 planets with unique hand crafted environments
  • All worlds are procedurally generated and different every time you create a new one
  • Play online with your friends
  • Fully featured equip system with hundreds of different wearables with unique stats
  • Beautiful retro styled pixel art graphics
  • Deep Electronics system to create intricate contraptions, even complete CPUs!
  • Creative mode to unleash your creativity and build everything you can imagine
  • More than one thousand different crafts
  • Two styles of crafting: a crafting grid or simple mode which allows crafting items with a single click
  • Lots of loot to collect!
  • Hundreds of placeable objects, blocks and decorations
  • Fully dynamic day-night system, with weather effects
  • A vibrant coloured lighting engine that will make you enjoy every minute spent in Junk Jack worlds
  • Fish and display your captured animals in fish tanks!
  • Place your rare treasures on shelves, display your equip pieces on mannequins!
  • Collect tameable pets which will follow you around
  • Capture and breed cows, sheeps, pigs and many more animals!
  • Farm and grow unique plants and use them to cook delicious recipes
  • A thorough ingame tutorial will help you learn the basics of the game
  • Beautiful music tracks by Bright Primate
  • Craft hundreds of potions with che chemistry bench
  • Mix flower seeds to grow thousands of unique flower combinations
  • Decorate your home with many craftable and customizable furniture sets
  • Combat hordes of mobs with many different weapon types
  • Explosives, signs, paintable objects and many more features awaits you!


Title: Junk Jack
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Release Date: 30 Nov, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1
  • Processor: Intel x86 CPU
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Opengl 2.1+ GPU (256MB VRAM)
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Requires Visual Studio 2015 Redistributables which may require some specific updates from Windows Update to be installed before


Junk Jack is a lot of fun. There is an insane amount of blocks, collectables, recipes and farmable plants. The combat system is pretty simple, but there are tons of biomes to discover, chests to loot, potions to brew, and blocks to build with. The mechanics system lacks actuators (it only has a few types of input and output), but is really fun to use and can be used to create complex logic systems. Multiplayer is a little buggy (it currently crashes when anything is thrown), but the developers are working on it, releasing a new update for every week or two. Even as is the game has a lot of depth and shows a lot of promise.. I really love this game. I played it when the OG Junk Jack came out for iPhone and I was hooked. Its not really a copy of Terraria because Junk Jack is more focused on getting artifacts rather than fighting, I can though understand why some people think its a Terraria/Minecraft copy. I would 100% recommend for everyone. Update: after close to 500 hours I still love the game!. It's a good game for a while, but it becomes pointless once you get behind the mechanics. The game needs some challenges other than just exploring all the worlds (which you can do very quickly by the way and only need a stronger weapon/armor to do so). Yes you can craft stuff, cook, catch fish etc, but what is the point if cannot help you progress on any set goals? Why cook meals if you don't need them to survive? So what if you drop your whole inventory if you die? There's nothing in there worth keeping that can't be replaced very quickly anyway.
So you just basically have to hit it lucky on a couple of rarer ore veins to craft stronger weapons and armor and that's about it.. Lovelovelove this game. But I must ask if anyone is having issues playing with anyone else on Steam? I bought this game for my brother and myself and it keeps saying there is nobody online when according to Steam he is in fact on Junk Jack. I see this is experimental, but is it running at all? I would love to know as soon as possible! ^^

But, to Pixbits, thank you. I actually was incredibily torn choosing my new phone a few months ago over this game exactly and saw on the night of my birthday that this was to be released on Steam. Much love to you!!! <3. Where to start. Well it all started on iOS devices... Nevermind it's a damn 10/10, the devs actually listen to their players, gameplay is smooth and consistent. It is early access so expect unfinished areas and bugs, but overall fantastic.. I love this game, i own it on my ipad, junk jack x & the original junk jack... lookin' good.. This is a great game. I've owned the iPad version for a long time, and this is just as good. I'm more then happy to keep giving these devs my money, just so long as they keep working on it. I'd probably get any DLCs, even cosmetic ones or a soundtrack.. A great simple game that I can actually afford. Wouldn't say better or worse than Minecraft or Terreria but otherwise, it's a good old retro game I had for many years.. I've previously bought Junk Jack when it was first on the Appstores, and Junk Jack X. Was waiting for this to happen! Love the game, and hopefully the developers put more effort onto the PC version. Thank you!

Its been months since and nothing really has changed, a couple bug fixes and thats it. This game is not worth more than 6 dollars - which is the price of app version. The app version has everything the PC version does.. Best Game 2016

So, I love this game.
The controle are fantastics and the 16-BIT style is lovely.
The game is easy to play and to understand, before the first night, I built a bed, and whith less then a hour, you can make a perfect house.
The long wait on the Greenlight make me hyped so much, now I can have the BEST fun of my life.

Junk Jack has been released on Steam!:
Hello everyone! We proudly announce that Junk Jack has been released on Steam!

Thanks everyone for the support during these months in Early Access, that helped us to improve the game in every aspect and reach that much desired goal.

This is not the end but just a major step towards the development of our dream sandbox game, stay tuned and have fun playing Junk Jack with your friends!. Junk Jack v3.2.1 is out!:
Hello everyone!
Sorry for the prolonged silence but we're undergoing some internal rearrangement so we took it long!

This is a bugfix/QoL update which fixes a lot of bugs, balances the gameplay experience, improves things here and there and prepares some ground for future changes, here is the full changelog:

  • Chest Interface now is twice as big for better organization
  • Health regen from equip now triggers after 5 second without taking damage from monsters
  • Implemented item sets bonuses : this features allows to give specific bonuses(and effects) when a specific set of items is equipped
  • Created a set for each Uber boss equip drop, now the single equip pieces give less light value, equipping the full set gives the full light value
  • Added tooltip symbols reference(accessed by Help pane, F1, then F2)
  • Added light value to tooltips of armor pieces
  • Added tooltips to some unclear potions
  • Some mobs are now able to see through player invisibility
  • Thorns damage on monsters is now mitigated by their defense
  • Thorns related potions have been buffed
  • Adjusted some thorns bonuses from equip
  • Fixed critical chance of weapons which wasn’t working(all had 0 % critical)
  • Fixed bug which wasn’t updating collections when equipping items or pets
  • Fixed bug which didn’t consume proper amount of items when using simple craft
  • Fixed bug which allowed instant forge crafting
  • Fixed a crash when dropping an item stack into an occupied space in some circumstances
  • Fixed quick stack from forge which didn’t properly move items
  • Fixed craftbook key which was working in creative and crashing the game
  • Fixed Metal Feet potion, now it properly makes you immune to spikes
  • Fixed open save folder option which wasn’t working
  • Fixed a random crash when browsing collections
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when destroying some growing plants
  • Fixed truth table device which wasn’t working as intended
  • Fixed some OpenGL issues on certain graphic cards(now game requires OpenGL 3.2)
  • Changed Bottomless Chest UI color to match the graphics
  • Fixed some weapons which had wrong animations
  • Fixed some graphical glitches
  • Fixed hacked item stacks larger than 999 items which could crash the game
  • Added additional keys to bindable keys
  • Added an option to shop help for some items in their tooltips
  • Changed double confirmation dialogs to be more secure
  • Upgraded build tool for Windows build of the game

Since we had to change the toolchain used to compile the game make sure you have Visual Studio 2017 redistributables if you're playing on Windows! Steam should automatically prompt you to install them in case. The update is rolling out on Windows with macOS and Linux versions following in the next couple of days.

The next big thing will probably be official controller support since many of you requested it! We're already working on it and we hope to share further details soon!

Happy mining!

. Steam Trading Cards are now available in Junk Jack!:
Hello everyone, Steam Trading Cards are now available to discover in Junk Jack!

We also added Steam emotes, custom badges and cool profile backgrounds.
Another step towards the official launch of the game!

We hope you'll enjoy them. Have fun mining!. Junk Jack is out!:
Hello everyone! Today we're releasing a new patch which includes Linus/SteamOS support! This version is still experimental, so if you are using this os please report any bug you find.

We also added new actuator blocks! Pistons, advanced pressure pads and retractable blocks combined with wiring will let you create complex machines which interact with the world. We'd love to see your creations with these new mechanisms.

Last but not least we added new crossbow weapons, explosive arrows, improved spears among with many reported bug fixes/balance tweaks.

We hope you enjoy this new version. Have fun!

  • experimental Linux/SteamOS version! If you have this os installed please provide us some feedback!
  • added a new actuator: piston block! It's able to push players, mobs and items by extending and also behaves as a bridge or one-way door according to rotation
  • added a new actuator: advanced pressure pad! It's like the normal pressure pad but it's able to detect mobs too
  • added a new actuator: retractable block! it's a block becomes solid when activated and blocks light, movement and liquids
  • added an option that makes the player throw bullets always at max strength, regardless of distance of click from player
  • trapdoors now behave as devices and can be opened and closed with electronics signal (but this applies only to new placed trap doors)
  • fancy trinket slot is now considered for pet summon and will take priority if a pocket pet trinket is present in that slot
  • spears are now longer and slimmer, offering a new combat mechanic
  • 6 new wood crossbows, each one with different bullet and fire speed stats
  • new crossbow bolt ammunition
  • new explosive arrows!
  • tweaked mobs spawn values (less mobs will spawn in your home if you place enough torches)
  • tweaked spears speed and hitbox
  • tweaked critters spawn chance
  • decreased portal chests number
  • widget craft is now available by default
  • nail craft is now available by default
  • added missing slime goo reagents to alchemy
  • added critters to other planets
  • iron windows crafts moved to anvil category
  • new slingshot animation has been added
  • increased grass seeds drop rate
  • new craft: bone wall
  • more blocks are now available in creative mode
  • it's now possible to join a game of a friend which is hosting directly by steam by right clicking the friend an choose join game
  • fixed glow tree not growing
  • fixed some treasures transparent pixels
  • fixed wrong watermelon lemonade craft and changed its graphics accordingly
  • fixed a crash which occurred while right-clicking an empty inventory slot in creative mode
  • fixed a crash which occurred when removing fishing poles from quickslot after casting
  • fixed a subtle bug that was affecting Steam multiplayer games, now hosting and connecting should work much better
  • fixed potions that give the player ability to use tools as different kind of tools (eg Chop Mastering) that weren't working
  • fixed issue on death screen open in a multiplayer game when someone new is joining
  • fixed dead player health value not restored on host disconnect
  • other minor tweaks
. Junk Jack is available now!:
Hello everyone, here's another update which fixes reported bugs and adds many balancing tweaks, following your feedback.
The only downside to world balance tweaks is that you need to generate a new world to see the improvements.
Also remember that Portal Chests spawn in Adventure mode only!

We hope you'll enjoy the changes!

  • Wood fence doors now behave properly
  • Tooltips for craft notes and spawner eggs are now properly shown
  • Fixed a bug which propagated durability when dropping dragged items with right-click
  • Fixed a crash while climbing a ladder to the top of the world
  • Fixed a crash that occurred in Steam Multiplayer interface while selecting host or a friend
  • Fixed a problem which allowed to use forbidden characters (like /, \, ? etc) in player and world names causing problems to load them afterwards
  • Tooltips are no longer visible when stats panel is open
  • Fixed a problem which could cause your world to disappear while renaming
  • Reduced mobs minimum light required to spawn (now mobs should spawn less frequently in well lit areas)
  • Added an option to choose between placing top block first or rear block first (both are modifiable through CTRL)
  • Some options are now available directly from pause menu without the need to exit the game
  • Ladders now allow attachment from a slightly larger distance: you can't fall in a hole 1 block wide with ladders anymore inside anymore
  • It is now allowed to place plants on tiles with small props without breaking them first
  • Added special utility loot crates in worlds caves
  • Placing a solid block over a pet will now make it warp to the owner
  • Increased underground biomes spawn chance
  • Increased portal chests spawn chance
  • Rebalanced ores and loot all planets
  • Work in progress tweaks to weapons durability and damage
  • Work in progress tweaks to slimes behaviour
  • Other sound tweaks
  • All sounds effects have been normalized
. Junk Jack 3.2 Pet Hunt Update is out!:
Welcome to Junk Jack 3.2 Pet Hunt Update!

This patch adds 75 fancy rare pocket pets in all worlds which can be captured, hunt ‘em all! We’ve also added the Junk Machine, used to recycle your crafts and get new items and rare loot. Plus there are now new breedable chihuahua and hamster pets, many new features and cool items to discover, an habanero plant used to craft habanero bombs and soup, craftable concussion bombs and new rare cards used to craft pocket uber mob pets are included too. Plus many more cool things to discover and small tweaks!

Happy mining (and hunting!)

New features

  • Added 75 Rare fancy pets on all planets, hunt ‘em all!
  • New craftable sharpening stones, use them to repair your tools!
  • New hamster cage
  • New hamster pets, capture and breed them!
  • Added breedable chihuahua pets!
  • More blocks can now be painted
  • Uber mob altars will now drop rare cards
  • Combine the cards to craft unique uber mob pets
  • You can also use cards as trinkets which will give you unique powers
  • Valentine chests have been removed from planets
  • Junk machine! Use it to recycle your crafts to get new materials and items!
  • Totem spawn chance has been increased on all planets
  • New habanero orange plant
  • New habanero soup recipe
  • New craftable habanero bombs!
  • New craftable concussion bombs!
  • New pocket Crosshair pet, paying homage to Junk Jack Original graphics!
  • Animals will now create dung, which you can use to fertilize plants
  • New craftable Pickaxe of the Giants!
  • Craftable torch in a bottle which can be placed underwater
  • New rare blocks can now be found on all planets
  • New homage pixelated stone block which pays homage to a very known sandbox game!
  • New CGA retro block
  • New Tretis block!
  • Added craftable vine ladders
  • Added rare outline armor to give Jack an unique look!
  • Added rare retro armor to give Jack a retro look!
  • New droppable baseball bat weapon
  • New poo head fancy equip piece
  • New eye head fancy equip piece

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