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Ley Lines Download For Pc [key Serial Number]

Ley Lines Download For Pc [key Serial Number]

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About This Game

Ley Lines is a single-player action-adventure puzzle-solving game developed by a team of students at Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy! Thank you so much for taking the time to look at and play our game.


  • You are the last hope of a ruined world, capable of restoring the severed Ley Lines.
  • Throughout the ruined temple of Miria's Heart, attune to and master five unique powers, allowing you to alter gravity, slow time, shift space, and much more. Unique puzzles scattered throughout the temple's remains can be overcome in a variety of ways by using and combining your world-bending abilities.


Gravity Well
  • Arrows fired while attuned to the Gravity Ley Line can produce spherical wells of potent energy.
  • Objects will be drawn to the epicenter of these wells, allowing the player to unblock otherwise impassable barriers, curve the trajectory of her arrows, and even slingshot herself to new heights.
Light Bridge
  • Arrows fired while attuned to the Bridge Ley Line can produce long platforms of hard light.
  • By striking a beginning point and an end point on receptive relics in the environment, the player can cross wide chasms and even break through brittle structures.
  • Arrows fired while attuned to the Levitation Ley Line can make receptive relics weightless, and movable at a distance through thought alone.
  • By arranging weightless platforms in a series, players can climb to otherwise unreachable locations through levitation alone, or use cleverly placed floating relics in combination with other ley abilities to solve puzzles in unique ways.
Time Slow
  • Arrows fired while attuned to the Gravity Ley Line can slow objects to a fraction of their former speed.
  • In situations where slowing fast-moving relics individually is not enough, the player can also temporarily slow down all time around her.
  • The unbound and corrupted ley energy of the temple causes many objects to move rapidly and randomly. Slowing time is often the only way to bypass these dangerous obstacles.
  • Arrows fired while attuned to the Warp Ley Line can transport receptive relics forward in an instant, even bypassing otherwise impermeable barriers.
  • The player is also capable of placing a single "warp point" to which she can recall at any time, even if the path behind her has been blocked.

Title: Ley Lines
Genre: Action, Adventure, Free to Play, Indie
Miria Studios
Miria Studios
Release Date: 5 Dec, 2016


  • OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
  • Storage: 2.4 GB available space


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It's not a bad student game. I could see it really shining with a lot more polish. Has some great ideas.

The bow mechanics are pretty solid. I like how you have to use different abilities using the arrows. Creating gravity wells, stopping time, or moving platforms is a great idea. Although the animations were a bit off for the bow.

Movement was kind of annoying though. The character felt really floaty at times, I'd feel like I could make a jump one second and not make a similar one later. The gravity well was also strange. Moving in it felt very awkward and I feel it could use the most work out of a lot of the stuff.

Time slow was fantastic. Just the effect itself was fantastic. Loved in the "tutorial" area where you learn how to use it especially. Simple yet conveys exactly what you need to know about it.

I wasn't really a fan of the bridge move however, it felt slow compared to the other things. As you had to aim and shoot multiple things. Rather than just activating it and going.

All in all, I'd love to see a more polished version come out in the future, or even a sequel.. I want my 11 minutes back.. I see great potntial in this game. However in the state it is in now it needs changing. I really like the puzzle mechanics put its to ugly and chuggy to evean be playable. I have only played the game for 10 minutes and its already put me off. However this can be a good game givin the extra effort to do so.. Oh. My. Gawd.
Beautiful graphics combined with stuttering execution with an overall Way Too Short game means that I can neither recommend nor Not recommend this game. The puzzles, as few as were found, were well done, but there's a serious lack of power utilization as a whole. The toughest puzzle of the set was trying to figure out which of 3 available powers will allow you to pass a bug who is trying to kill you. (Hint: Bridge isn't much use here.)
Phenomenal potential (think Portal 1&2) and even higher expectations, but the game was over before it even scratched through the surface. Don't get me wrong. It DID scratch the surface, but after only 51 minutes of playing, I felt like I had been dining on sizzle instead of steak. Albeit very good sizzle. {Insert stomach grumbling}

Note: Forced to choose, so I decided on Recommend. It IS worth a shot.. bugs
-movement not really smooth
-the final act is kinda dull, giant centipede is good enough but the dialog has no punch...
+very short, that's ok for me
+puzzle is ok i think, but the some powers are hard to control.... You know guys, there's a world beyond qwerty layouts.
Your game is utterly unplayable on my keyboard.

Worst thing is that there is a rebind screen, but the movement keys are not there.

Utterly silly.

Couldn't play the game so I'm giving a thumbs down because it's your fault.. It´s a decent students´ project. Good luck to you, developers! (:. Not even an hour long puzzle game. The movement is a little clunky, but it has some fun ideas for the puzzles.
In summary - fun, short and free game.

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