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About This Game

If you change the units of speed and distance for “8”- what will happen? 8infinity (8 infinity).

8infinity (8 infinity) is a dynamic and rhythm game where the player reaches eights “8” - levels of infinity. In the game there are no barriers. If there are any, it’s only the imagination! This game is for everyone who wants to improve their quick thinking and the related skills.

Passing through eight is signaled by color, which player must click the correct button: violet or color blue, double color or gray - the most surprising move, where a player can’t touch the screen!

The level of difficulty increases every time you reach the "8" – the pace of the game becomes faster. Surprise causes unpredictable rotation of eights - it is like rollercoaster!

The hero of the game is a heavy metal ball, that enlightens "8" like an orange fireball. The whole game is complemented by the purposefully created sound.

The game graphic design has been carefully tailored combining terms of classic elements with modern visual design. b4d347fde0

Title: 8infinity
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Forever Entertainment S. A.
Release Date: 23 Sep, 2016


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It's like an IOS game, except it doesnt get updated and it is currently not possible to finish one of the achievments (log in 7 times). Very good game.. An interest concept but now fatally flawed.

The game is built of a concept of choose the right colour to complete the figure eight, the the game speeding up and spinning to help make things a little more difficult.

Unfortunately, there the game is fatally flawed is in it's nowadays dead online community. With only one play method, the game becomes nothing more than a 5 minute mobile phone type game, and also means attaining all the achievements (for those who are bothered) nigh on impossible, not to mention one of the achievements seems to be bugged anyway.

The game is not offensive really, but it's just not much of a game when it's all said and done, and will be another one of those games you will leave idling just to get hold of those Steam Trading Cards.

Best for: Fans of the figure 8.. Great game - fun to play if you are bored.. Mobile game quality, just without ads and microtransactions.. It's a fun and simple game and that's about it. I happened to be lucky enough to have friends who also have this game, but I wouldn't play this seriously on my own. It gets boring very quickly so I would wait until the game goes on sale for 50% or more before buying it, maybe more towards the 70% if possible.. No tutorial . It gets boring after a while but it's an ok game. It's a fun challenging game I think that its well worth the .99 cents you pay for it.. I've tried to like this game, but I just can't; the fun colours and intuitive design makes it really easy to use, and the elegance of it's simplicity is somewhat charming, but it feels very much incomplete for a desktop title. Maybe as a mobile game I could see this working remarkably well, but as game on Steam..?
Maybe not.. You have to click left and right and a ball goes around some hoops or whatever.

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