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Clickdraw Clicker Free Download [Xforce Keygen]

Clickdraw Clicker Free Download [Xforce Keygen]

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About This Game

Game Information

Clickdraw is an addictive completely RNG western clicker game

To play the game you select a location that you think the enemy will move to and a location that you want to move too, when you draw your weapon if you select the location that the enemy moved too then you will hit them and vice versa.

Each enemy has a different skill that you will have to overcome, the goal is always to hit the enemy 3 times but some enemies wear armour that you will have to get through, if you get hit 3 times you will lose

It also has local multiplayer, just don't let your friends see where you clicked!

It's Simple But Addictive.

Trading Cards

Yes This Game Has Trading Cards


This game is great for Achievement Hunters! it has lots of achievements! a09c17d780

Title: Clickdraw Clicker
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Phat Phrog Studios
Release Date: 14 Oct, 2016


clickdraw clicker

I had no idea what was going on. I thought the red arrows were showing me what to do at first, click top middle, click bottom middle, and then click revolver. I managed to win the first three shots. Then I got to medium and suddenly I kept dying. So I looked back over the game page (i got this game in a giveaway) and discovered it's a RNG thing. Once I knew what I was doing, it didn't really change things because the game is entirely luck based.

+ I like the sprite graphics
+ Quick time killer

- No strategy or skill
- The game gets crazy difficult and there's nothing to do about it
- Enemies get more hiding spots while yours remain only 3
- The "difficulty" gets raised in terrible ways, such as they have one-shot kill or double hp

I hate that this has no rhyme or reason and that you can't really get good at this. It's all luck.. Best Game Ever!
Worth more than my life!
Totally reccomend!

(kill me). Quite a simplistic game of choosing squares for firing and avoiding. The "completely RNG" description of the game suggests to me that there's no skill involved - everything is random, yet you are required to choose squares. I'm not sure how your choice affects the outcome of the game. For my tastes, the game is a little too basic.

See gameplay https:\/\/youtu.be\/gN6KcRXI7Ow<\/a>. It's good for achievements if you collect them.
Wanted to say: it's an average clicker game, but no.
Click evade box, click target box and wish good luck.

There's no gameplay at all.. The objective of this game is to click (like the name says) to decide how to attack and defend.
It's too simplistic as there's no strategy, it plays as a game of chance.
I'm guessing this was a mobile port or a mobile original.
On the plus side, it has cards and a ton of achievements.. This game depends on your luck... RNG - The Movie

Watch cheap graphics of completely random wild west duels. The faster you click the little boxes and the revolver cartridge, the faster the duel progresses. There seems to be no decision making involved, winning and losing is completely random. The chance of winning a duel declines sharply as the game progresses, further reducing the entertainment value. So while it starts out as a boring long wait for the duel to be "won", it progresses farther and farther into the realms of unimagined boredom, quickly leaving behind quaint experiences like "stuck in a highway deadlock for hours" or listening to the speeches at a graduation ceremony.

Avoid.. nice one simple game.

. One of the worst and most annoying games i have ever played, when this game said it was a RNG western clicker i assumed it was difficult but needed skill. No skill is needed its all 100% luck also you have to guess what are supposed to do when you are playing. Long story short dont buy this, this is crap.

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