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Crush more monsters, get less loot, and discover all new ways to end up as bloody Triger Chow! Die of starvation, suffer crippling woun 5d3b920ae0

Title: Dungeonmans - Pay2Lose
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Adventurepro Games LLC
Release Date: 16 Jun, 2017


Feel like punishing yourself, Then this is the DLC for you! Jokes aside this has to be the widest range of ways to make your life hell I have ever seen in a game and I love it. That and the cheeky name of the DLC itself.. Oh God Jim Shepard who did this to you? Who hurt you while you were growing up to inact this revenge! Your base game can be considered hard! To some very hard. Jim your a Sadist! I love the concept of this mod! I had to buy this almost as a donation because I don't personally have to much of an inkling to actually use this mod. I played around with it sure. And I guess at some point I may challenge myself. But that's the point right. It's here when we have stompted the actually game all to death and have nothing left to do basically. This mod WILL beat anyone. In fact depending on the settings it does make the game 100% unwinnable and that's fine. In my opinion it can add lots of re-play value but to a certain degree it's a gimic and that's why I bought it! lol Try these out. This is the hardest setting I found in 20 minutes of hitting Random. Seed: ADD7FCEC And here is everything maxed out! Seed: 67695ABD On the max difficulity seed 67695ABD you WIN the game if your able to exit the academy. Because I tried three times and I die trapped in the VERY FIRST ROOM of the game! LOL LOL LOL! And if you want a slightly easier of a time play on the first seed I posted ADD7FCEC on this seed I think you win if you can kill a single enemy. lol This is fun and it's creative as well. I did not expect to see all these settings and fun options. Jim could have just made HP and other sliders but instead there are tons of random settings. I suggest mainly using this mod and playing with minor adjustments. It would be fun to press RANDOM and not look at anything and then start. I will make some use of this mod but ultimately this was a donation as base game is hard enough for me.. I bought this dlc, enabled everything and immediately lost.. Dungeonmans has been problem the best and my most favorite game I backed up with Kickstarter. I have not beaten the original game yet but I bought this DCL totally to support dev.. Exactly what it says on the tin. Takes a hard game and makes it even harder! Lots of fun to be had though, there's a lot of configurability in what challenges you set yourself, and a neat "brutality" score that indicates just how screwed you are. Also, the weekly challenge idea is really cool, although I'm pretty sure the current one is *actually* impossible.. For me Dungeonmans is hard enough already and bought this to support development for this already great game. But of course I did check the various difficulty settings in this DLC and there's alot of them! Finetune your difficulty the way you want to play (except not easier than vanilla DM). But yes, so many options that it deserves it's own DLC.. As I expected from having watched this be developed, I loved it. For the experienced player of Dungeonmans, it offers an amazing new array of challenges. Both custom-tuned so you can try out the exact difficulty you want, and random weekly leaderboard challenges. And for $5? This is a fantastic deal. Please pick it up if you enjoy the main game! If you haven't tried Dungeonmans yet, grab the main game (I suggest Champion edition, so you get the soundtrack with it), and see what you think.. It adds all the difficulty sliders you could ask for! Now, of course, you could set them all to ridiculously hard and be done with it, but I'm happy to add some minor tweaks here and there - add the need for food, the wounds mechanic, equipment breaking - and it adds more flavor to the game while still keeping it managable for me. Just - wow, so many options! If you like Dungeonmans, this adds a whole slew of neat things you can tinker with.. You're getting what you pay for with this DLC. Dozens and dozens of ways to make Dungeonmans a more challenging experience. I have to give the DLC major props for not just going to road of number bloat. While you can modify monster stats (as well as just about every numerical mechanic in the game) by X% if you so desire, also present are a multitude of ways to add additional mechanics to the game to make things more challenging. Weapon breakage, armor destruction, starvation, fatigue, enemies that explode on death and more are present as unique mechanics whose sole purpose is to make your life miserable. All of the above modifiers stack to provide a Brutalityu2122 score that ties in to new leaderboards that were provided for the DLC specifically in addition to those recently added to the base game. Weekly Pay2Lose runs are also featured with the DLC, for those who like to compete on a large scale against other players for the highest score. If you're looking to make Dungeonmans harder, this serves that purpose excellently.. I'll admit, I bought this purely to support this amazing game. It really is my favourite game since Castle of the Winds and the continued free updates which the dev releases makes buying DLC a good idea. I do wish we would get a paid expansion pack or similar, but either way. This pack does exactly what it says on the tin- it comes with a bunch of mutators which make your game harder. Unlike a lot of games which use this style of system, Pay2Lose does not seem as if it is able to be "gamed" to make the game easy. What you get from this purchase is an insane level of customisation options all aimed squarely towards advancing your untimely death.

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