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Hero Siege - The Karp Of Doom (Digital Collector's Edition) FULL

Hero Siege - The Karp Of Doom (Digital Collector's Edition) FULL

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About This Content

The Karp of Doom - Expansion Set (Digital Collector's Edition)

Take your journey into the realm of the Karp King!

- Unlocks ACT V
- New enemies
- New Bosses
- New relic pool
- New Class (Samurai)

Collector's Edition Extras

- Cyberpunk Samurai Skin
- Karp Head Minion Skin
- Aqua name color

The Samurai


Title: Hero Siege - The Karp of Doom (Digital Collector's Edition)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG
Elias Viglione, Jussi Kukkonen
Panic Art Studios
Release Date: 18 Jul, 2014


hero siege - the karp of doom (digital collector's edition). hero siege - the karp of doom (digital collector's edition)

Fun, hard, satan, and HARD 10\/10. Pretty fun game and time waster. Havean't tried the multiplayer aspect of it yet. Good for a quick time burner.. Too much fun, Worth every penny! brings it back to true SNES gameplay and done quite well. Multiplayer is still in Alpha and there are a few bugs but they should be fixed over time. Also a ton of fun with friends!. Great dlc, Got it for the Cyber Punk Samurai Skin to show of in multiplayer :P. Very simple to pick up and control this faced paced twin stick shooter, but it is a very cahllenging game also. Basically fight off 5 waves on enemies then a boss, rince and repeat and it gets harder each time, every 30 levels reach a new zone. 7 Diverse characters to chose from ragning from a flame shooting pyromancer to a molotov concktail throwing chainsaw weidling redneck. Many items to pick up and skill to learn and level and most of all many monsters to kill. What is there not to like. Indie game of the year for me.. i bought the dlc and it still says i need to buy the dlc to use the samurai and multiplayer 5\/5 would buy again (and yes i did install the dlc). 10\/10 Won't let me use DLC. Great DLC, mutiplayer doesnt work very well but the devs are listening and trying to the problems at hand.. Enjoyed the new class. Maybe a tad bit overpriced, but nice DLC.

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