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About This Game

Transcendence is an open-world, single-player game of space combat and exploration.

In the year 2419, humanity has colonized hundreds of star systems, strung like beads on the network of stargates built by a dead alien race. But now a god-like hyperintelligence is mentally compelling people to travel to the Galactic Core, and the Ancient Races of the galaxy have decided to quarantine all of Human Space. Alone in your ship, you must acquire whatever powers you can, and hope to survive long enough to unravel a secret that threatens the entire galaxy.

  • Adapt your strategy to survive the journey through dozens of randomly generated star systems. Take advantage of scavenged weapons and devices. No two games are ever alike, so adaptation equals survival.
  • Blast your way through the swarming tactics of Anarchist battlepods; steel yourself against the EMP attack of the Dwarg masters; and pray to Domina that you can withstand the terrifying archcannon of the Phobos dreadnought. Transcendence includes over a hundred different kinds of enemy ships and stations, each with distinct abilities.
  • Loot wreckage to obtain more powerful weapons, armor, and shields, or purchase them at dozens of different friendly stations. Earn unique high-tech weapons by completing missions for the Commonwealth Fleet or by helping the Corporate Hierarchy with their research.
  • Earn money by escorting the giant freighters of the Korolov Corporation; sell exotic ores extracted from asteroid fields with seismic charges; compete for glory at the gladiatorial games of the Battle Arena Maximus; or get an introduction to the Black Market and sell illicit goods for profit.

Includes Corporate Command and Eternity Port

The core version of Transcendence is available as a free download, but this Steam edition bundles two paid expansions.

Corporate Command gives you a chance to fly missions for the elite Corporate Hierarchy Operations Command. Three new player ships let you explore the realm of the corporations and confront the mystery of the chimeras—a foe that could threaten all of Human Space.

Eternity Port is a stand-alone adventure in which you play a CDM mercenary: a pilot hired by the virtual denizens of Eternity Port. Paired with an onboard-AI, you ultimately gain powers in both the physical and virtual worlds. But when a digital hyperintelligence threatens the entirety of Human Space, the only hope lies with the reclusive cyber-citizens of Eternity Port.

Continuous Development

Transcendence is a living game, constantly being improved through core updates and DLCs. The next major release will focus on Part II of the Pilgrim's story, in which we visit the rest of the galaxy, and the realm of the Ancient Races. But we also plan several minor releases before then. For Steam, in particular, we plan on supporting achievements and cloud saves.

Visit the Ministry of Records for a list of reported bugs and future enhancements. a09c17d780

Title: Transcendence
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG
Kronosaur Productions
Kronosaur Productions
Release Date: 24 Jul, 2015


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1 GHz dual core CPU
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 1024×768 resolution.
  • DirectX: Version 8.0
  • Storage: 100 MB available space


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I see not many reviews for this game which is sad because this is such a hidden gem.

very fun gameplay, sense of progress and good storyline, constantly updated by dev, it doesn't mean it's not perfect or full of bugs, no, the dev put alot of love making this game. this is one example that an outdated 2D graphics game proved not less fun than 3D graphics game. totally worth the price, so a big thumbs up from me.. Logged over 40 hours into the free version and wanted to support the developer. Already see the improvements with the paid expansions and having even more fun.

FIREFIGHT RELOADED Update Released (11-8-15):
An update for FIREFIGHT RELOADED has been released. The update will be applied when you restart FIREFIGHT RELOADED.
- Added HD textures to some weapons.
- Removed some unused textures.
- Updated some models.
- Fixed a bug where AI nodes wouldn't appear in maps.
- Made it eaiser to translate the game!
- Converted to the SteamPipe content system.. An announcement to the FIREFIGHT RELOADED community.:


First off, I would like to announce that later on today to December 5th, FIREFIGHT RELOADED's largest update ever will be released for playtesting before its release on December 5th. It will include new enemies, new weapons, and new features that will improve and enhance the FIREFIGHT RELOADED experience.

Now, for the big news. In 2017, I will start working on indie game titles and I won't be focusing on mods all that much. However, I will still work on FIREFIGHT RELOADED and SURVIVOR, my Half-Life 2 Survivor remake. There are also plans for more updates to FIREFIGHT RELOADED that will bring even more enhancements and improve the experience.

I thank all the people that have played FIREFIGHT RELOADED, and everyone that has supported its development. It is a great honor to be making this mod for the Valve modding community to enjoy.

An announcement will be released once the update has gone up for testing.

Feel free to join my Discord server here for more updates on FIREFIGHT RELOADED and other projects: https://discord.gg/chfVwk2

Thank you all for your continued support,
Bitl.. Update for FIREFIGHT RELOADED Released (4-9-2016):
An update for FIREFIGHT RELOADED has been released. The update will be applied when you restart FIREFIGHT RELOADED.
Multiplayer changes:
- All content is now loaded from .vpk files.

Shared changes:
- Added a new startup intro.. FIREFIGHT RELOADED SOURCE CODE and new update teaser!:

Hi guys,

Just letting you all know that FIREFIGHT RELOADED is open source and it has been open source since the first beta release.

Feel free to contribute and you could see your changes in the next update!


Thanks, and get hyped for the next FR update.

Yes there wil be a new update.

With a new enemy. An old one fron 2003 in fact. He used to clean up on the streets of City 17 but now he has been recruited to the ongoing war against YOU.

His name? The Cremator.

. DevBlog for 12-26-16 (SMOD3, the future of FIREFIGHT RELOADED, and DLC announcement):
Hey guys,

I hope you all had a great holiday season. In spirit of the holiday season, here's a blog entry talking about what I am currently working on.

First off, the big announcement. Those who had a close eye on my Discord server know that I have been hyping this up.

SMOD3, everyone.

Yep, I am planning on working on a new fan-made SMOD mod! It's main goal is to recreate SMOD as close as possible while also adding support for Half-Life 2 and its episodes.

But, what is going on for FIREFIGHT RELOADED?

Well, there are plans for updates this next year, but those updates will be smaller because of SMOD3 development, as well as my other projects.

I also plan on finishing up the CSS/DOD content DLCs for FIREFIGHT RELOADED so that players will be able to utilize these maps in their playthroughs.

Be sure to join my Discord Server for updates on this mod and other projects:
https://discord.gg/chfVwk2. PRE-RELEASE VERSIONS ADDED!:

I have decided to make this its own update.

So, as of right now, you can mess around with the pre-release versions of FIREFIGHT RELOADED!

"How do I do this?" you might say. Well, I will show you!

First, you have to right-click on FIREFIGHT RELOADED in your Steam Library, then go to "Properties". In the Properties window, go to the "Betas" tab, and on the drop-down menu, select "unsupported - Shows all unsupported builds." After that, click Close.

Now, when you load up FIREFIGHT, you should get a extended launch menu that goes from the current Steam release to the LOCKED ALPHA, the oldest version of the mod.

The best part is that it will ALWAYS include the latest version of the mod, meaning that the only thing you will need to update is the current steam version and switching to the "unsupported" beta will NOT affect how your mod functions.

Have fun! :D:. Why FIREFIGHT RELOADED hasn't been updated in a while.:
Hello everyone,

You might have noticed that FIREFIGHT RELOADED hasn't been updated in a while. Don't worry though, the project is not dead. I am pretty busy working on other projects so don't expect an update for a bit. I will hopefully release an update that will extend kicking range, add credits to the main menu, and also add in new bug fixes and features for Multiplayer. At least that's what I am planning.

This was going to be a longer post on why FIREFIGHT RELOADED will never be like SMOD, but expect that later on.. More updates: Multiplayer, Workshop, and more!:
Hello everyone!

FIREFIGHT RELOADED MULTIPLAYER development is going along smoothly, in fact we did a test on an early build of it yesterday with some pretty promising results. As of right now the MP version of FIREFIGHT RELOADED will have the ability to add in custom player models to the game thanks to the upcoming Workshop feature. The MP update is planned to be released hopefully in Spring of this year.

Bundled with this update, the mod will be receiving a update that will add Steam Workshop shop support to the game, along with a full, in-depth guide on how to create addons for the game, weapons, player models, maps, and more! This update will not be full with much content, but it will add in 2 of the most requested features to the game (I will not add in hats, stop talking about it!). We hope that players will enjoy this new update once it gas been released to the public.

-Bitl, Creator and Main Programmer of FIREFIGHT RELOADED.

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