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Leder Panzer Activation Code [License]

Leder Panzer Activation Code [License]

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About This Game

Intense multiplayer tank game with a ridiculous arsenal. Drive the tank, do stunts, give artillery support, fly with a jetpack, flak down airborne targets, conquer flags, drive rally around a crater - Leder Panzer is a refreshing amalgam of old school artillery games and modern third person online tank games where you can compensate accuracy with firepower.

Current game modes: conquest and death match

Some features:

  • Play online with tanks that have heads in place of turrets.
  • Massive arsenal of weapons - nukes with blast waves and radiation burns
  • Various levels with different game modes
  • Team play - play with friends or strangers
  • Playable classes: artillery, assault tank, hovercraft, heavy tank, sniper
  • VoIP - your tank can talk
  • Adjustable muzzle velocity for ballistic weapons
  • Jetpack, balloon - and anti-air weapons
  • Five tank classes with different skills and special abilities
  • Maps available so far: Resort, Jormandy and Mega Crater
  • Napalm, Mirv, Nuke Mirv, Laser, Flamethrower, Machine gun, Shotgun, Frag grenade, Artillery shell, Tank shell, Turret, Mortar trap, Rail gun, Inertia Nullifier ... to mention a few.
  • Destructible landscape in some maps: craters


Title: Leder Panzer
Genre: Action, Indie, Early Access
Mind-altering Games
Mind-altering Games
Release Date: 17 Aug, 2018


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Assault to Yourmomdy reaches new depths:
Version 0.9938 is here with a flag contest mode which is a mini Battle Royale for the ownership of each flag. The match is not just ONE BATTLE ROYALE but MANY BATTLE ROYALES! How about that battle royale games! How many battle royales can you fit into a match >:D

Tanks! That can jump and have jetpacks! With Nukes and shotguns!

How about projectiles instead of hitscan weapons? Destructible landscape!

Guided missiles, mines, turrets, mortar traps.

Five tank classes!

Get the free demo now or the full game! Costs you the amount of an adult beverage to keep this hobby project going.

- Nukes more expensive
- Inertia nullifier cheaper
- Maneuverability adjustments
- Ships moved closer in Jormandy
- Contest mode: scoring system tuned to favor winnings instead of owning flags
-. 0.99 update:
- Neutralizing a flag takes twice as long
- 5-20 second spawn delay (depends on amount of kills)
- minor fixes. Version 0.991 is out:
Contains some essential UX fixes and machine gun has been tuned again

. Gif spam time:

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