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MRS SNAKE Activation Code [torrent Full]

MRS SNAKE Activation Code [torrent Full]

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About This Game

MRS SNAKE is a 3D, multi-player take on the original snake game.
Battles take place in a spherical arena made of cubes.
Snakes must eat to acquire great length.
Snakes that do not eat will explode.
The longest snake wins!

  • 2 - 8 local multi-player battles
  • Beat your high score in single-player
  • Full controller support
  • Customisable controller deadzone and FoV for each player
  • Keyboard support for up to two players

Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Create Our Freedom
Create Our Freedom
Release Date: 19 Mar, 2018


A classy game with lots of.. snakes if you want.

Highly recommended successor to Flying Snake on the OpenPandora, would buy again and again except I have no people to play it with locally... This is very awesome stuff and works on both my low-ish powered Surface Pro 3 and desktop.

High score of 1208 here. Someone please beat it so I have something to look forward to!. This game is lovely and small and I am no longer at the bottom of the high score table, so I am giving it a positive review.. A nice twist on a all-time classic, great for what seems to be an era where couch co-op is coming back in style.

Gameplay is simple enough, but difficult to master as you try to get as many points as possible. In snake style the difficulty will come from how you go around gathering points.

Though you have a full 3D space to navigate instead, with four players at the same time this can be quite frantic and fun depending on who you play with.. beautifully simple game, takes me back to the days of PS2 demo disc games. Very much a plug'n'play game, launches in a second, no bugs, no tutorials needed, no awkward 3rd party applications in order to use a xbox or PS4 controller, just launch and play.

Very easy to fall into a trance with the trippy music, restarting is instant and the controls are completely responsive.

One thing I might like to see in the future is a hardcore mode where any collision ends in a instant game over.

I have exclusively played the single player mode so far and still enjoying it, particularly fun to play while listening to an audiobook!

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