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Quell Memento Activation Code [License]

Quell Memento Activation Code [License]

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About This Game

Quell Memento is an enchanting puzzle game of logic and relaxation.

The third and most ambitious instalment of the haunting Quell games, Memento takes the concept to an even deeper level with an engrossing array of new game-play elements.

Featuring a breath-taking score by acclaimed composer Steven Cravis, a voice-over narration and beautiful visuals, Quell Memento leads you on an enchanting journey of discovery and nostalgia.

The beating heart of the game - the puzzles themselves - are once again perfectly balanced to keep the player enthralled, but never frustrated.

Like it's two predecessors, Quell Memento is a haunting experience that will stay with you long after you've finished it.

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Title: Quell Memento
Genre: Indie
Fallen Tree Games Ltd
Green Man Gaming Publishing
Release Date: 14 May, 2015

English,French,Italian,German,Japanese,Korean,Polish,Portuguese,Simplified Chinese

If you like puzzle games, you will love Quell Memento. A various number of newly introduced game-mechanics were sensefully used to design mind-provoking puzzles, that go into deep without being unfair. The presentation of the game is more than professional. No time limits, so you can chillout on the sounds and let your mind do the work. Excellent !

Sometimes the music is a little bit too melancholic where it should be more relaxing. The music in the bonus-levels, that are entered over the bronze rings, is like tense drum-tremor - i dont like that. But beyond these two blemishes Quell Memento is an excellent puzzle game for a friendly price !. I would save Quell Memento for after giving Quell and Quell Reflect a try. Memento uses the same concepts of the other two games but now includes a somewhat touching story, complemented with great soundtrack. A lot of new game mechanics are introduced as well, making levels more challenging more quickly. Great series.. If you have played Quell or Quell reflect then all you need to know is
- This game is of the same quality of the other games but longer
- There's new elements and more puzzles. The puzzles are not a copy of the old ones
- This game takes a couple of seconds to start. Something that I rarely noticed in the other games

You don't need to have played the previous games. You can start with this one.
If possible, though, I'd recommend playing the whole collection in the proper order: Quell, Quell Reflection and Quell Memento.


- The levels are well designed with a difficulty going from easy to hard (but not too hard) levels
- No timer at all
- You can play as as little as you want and continue where you left off or go back to previous levels to complete unfinished objectives
- A few levels are hard to finish but a perfect number of moves but there's no penalty for retrying them (there's even an achievement for that!) so you can be persistent or use coins that you obtain by perfecting levels
- Finding and getting the jewel in every level gives you a different objective. There are also 24 secret levels and the clocks in it
- Good fun for the price

It's very well done too:
- Graphics, music and sound are nice and polished
- Graphic options work as the should (several fixed resolutions, full screen, windowed mode)
- Music and sounds can be muted separately
- Movement can be controlled with keyboard
- Resetting a level or going to the next one can also be done with keyboard. I enjoyed original "Quell" game but I have to say this is even better.

+relaxed soundtrack
+144 levels, you are not gonna complete this in 10 min :)
+Much varied levels than in Quell. In Quell there were only few blocks, in Quell Memento there are twice as many.
+Artwork is beautiful

-Some of the levels were too hard for at least me :D

This is great game for those who like puzzle\/relaxed games.
If you want interesting and brain-challenging pastime for few hours this game is for you!
I'm amazed how well built game they have done for very low price.. Bought all three Quell's in a bundle pack. And so glad I did. I've now tried them all out and love them. All three are excellent. But in this one the speaker kind of breaks the relaxation. However, you can turn off voice without turning off anything else. I like that the it gives you total control over each aspect of the game. I'm now officially addicted to the Quell games. For the price fo the bundle, it's well worth it. I lose track of time while I'm playing, it's so relaxing and engrossing.. An amazingly thought out puzzle game, it is like nothing I've ever seen. If you like a true challenge, where you have to do every move right, but without the pressure of time, definitely get this. Not only that but the artwork, audio, and even the storyline all go together to create what I believe should be considered a masterpiece. The Quell Series just keeps getting better and better, perhaps they will astound me yet again with a fourth ;)

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