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Section 8: Prejudice Frontier Colonies Map Pack Download] [PC]

Section 8: Prejudice Frontier Colonies Map Pack Download] [PC]

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About This Content

The Frontier Colonies Map Pack comes with two new multiplayer maps, Desolation and Overseer. Desolation is a parched desert world haunted by the remains of a failed colonization attempt. Overseer is home to military facilities overlooking a habitable forest valley. Each map is playable in both multiplayer and offline play for all game modes. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Section 8: Prejudice Frontier Colonies Map Pack
Genre: Action
TimeGate Studios
Release Date: 16 Aug, 2011


if you cant activate the dlc thru live follow these steps, dont listen to the negative reviews about it not working just follow these steps

1 Find the folder "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\Section 8 Prejudice\\s9game\\CookedPCFinal\\DLC\\DLC3" on your computer.
2 Search for the "DLC3__S9Game.ini" file.
3 Open the ini file in wordpad or notepad or what ever text editor you have.
4 Find every instance of the line "RequiredDLCId=4" and delete that line of code.
5 Save the file and launch the game.
6 The maps should now be usable in games, enjoy your new maps.. The two multiplayer maps that this gives are huge and full of details. This is for online play but can be played in Offiline mode. Its a great addition to the game and if you plan to play multiplayer then don't miss out on this extra content.. DO NOT PURCHASE.
You cannot play these maps AT ALL, online or offline, and you cannot get a refund.

As others have mentioned you can't play this content online, but what was not clear was whether or not you could play it OFFLINE.

The content is delivered via steam, however it's supposed to be unlocked via GFWL, which only operates as a means to store the single player campaign save data as of the time of this posting. It will NOT let you unlock this content.. Great game, but the mappack DLC are no longer available from Games for Windows - Live. Do NOT purchase this product, as it is money wasted. I only put this here because Steam does not warn consumers about this.. Cannot get from windows live. Windows Market is nolonger allowing download of dlc.

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