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About This Game

Splasher is a 2D platformer with unique arcade/action gameplay. It offers gamers challenges that require agility, speed and fast reflexes, and is set in a crazy cartoon universe.

The Splashers are in great danger! The quiet and peaceful workers from Inkorp are being led to their doom by the greedy Docteur, the paint factory's evil boss.

A young hero rises to fight for what's right. Armed with a splatter cannon, he launches an attack in order to save the Splashers and stand up to the dictator. His amazing paint cannon grants him color superpowers

    Use different paint colors to stick to walls and roofs, bounce high in the air, and trick your opponents.

    Brave the traps and beat the gigantic factory's security devices. Learn from your mistakes to find the best path and get the best time in order to perfect the level.

    Challenge gamers from around the globe with your best times, and share your scores on the leaderboards.

Splasher is the latest project from Romain Claude, former Game Designer and Level Designer at Ubisoft (Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends). He gathered a small, talented team, including Richard Vatinel a.k.a Gromy, Art Director, and Aymeric Schwartz, composer and sound designer (Absolver, Rayman Origins or Valiant Hearts), to create Splasher. The game was also developed in partnership with famous speedrunners.


Title: Splasher
Genre: Action, Indie
Dear Villagers
Dear Villagers
Release Date: 7 Feb, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7+ 64-bit
  • Processor: AMD Athlon IIX2 250 equivalent or more
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series equivalent or more
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 700 MB available space

English,French,Italian,German,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Japanese

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I saw one of the streamers I frequent, GrandPooBear, playing this game and about 30 seconds into the first level I had to pause the video because I didn't want to spoil what appeared to be an azmzing game.

Splasher is like a cross between a less punishing version of Super Meat Boy combined with the gel physics of Portal 2.
The controls could be a bit tighter, but so far this is a pretty enjoyable game that I would recommend people check out.. I bought this game without really knowing it, during Chinese Year special offers. And I'm surprised it isn't known as it should. This is a very good plateformer. Nice mechanics, nice graphics and especially easy and fun to play. Icing on the cake, it's full of easter eggs (music, achievement names...)

Pick your notation: 17\/20; A+; 85%.. In Splasher, you play as a nimble hazmat agent who rushes through levels packed full of enemies and environmental hazards, rescuing fellow team members on the race to defeat a cigar-chomping scientist and his army of mutant potatoes. Aiding you are a handful of brightly-colored liquids: Water to wash surfaces clean (and blast most enemies), sticky goo to help you climb surfaces like a spider, and bouncy goo to propel you through the air like a lunatic. It's all very vibrant and charming. In this sense, the comparisons to Super Meat Boy and Splatoon are unsurprising.

Challenge-wise, however, Splasher never really approaches the balls-hard difficulty of Super Meat Boy. There are certainly situations where the average player may die 5 or 6 times attempting to navigate an area, but it doesn't remotely approach Super Meat Boy on the whole. That may disappoint players who have been sold on the idea that Splasher will scratch the same itch that Super Meat Boy does; there's simply no comparison when it comes to difficulty.

Similarly, at 22 levels, Splasher's packaged with a much smaller selection of levels than Super Meat Boy's 300+. That isn't to say that Splasher's an especially short game, or that it's lacking material--on the contrary, between the "normal" game and the various speedrun modes\/medals to earn, there's a decent amount of replayability to the game. But again, it may disappoint players who expect for Splasher to boast multiple worlds, hidden levels, and various other secrets.

That being said, will you enjoy Splasher? If you like games such as Dust Force and Super Meat Boy for their mix of platforming, speed, and relative challenge, you'll most likely enjoy Splasher. If you like leaderboards and discovering ways to shave seconds off of your PR times, you'll probably like Splasher. But if you're looking for a game that's so hard it'll give you a nose bleed, you'll probably feel let down.

+ A clean aesthetic that is generally very readable, which makes it perfect for speedrunning.
+ Overall, the "feel" of the controls and the way the player handles is well done.
+ Between the normal game, individual medal runs, and 3 different flavors of speedrun, there's plenty of replayability.

- On a gamepad, the controls for movement and aiming are tied to the same analog stick, which can result in a lot of sloppy aiming and\/or accidental movement; while this stems from compromises in the control scheme, it's still an incredibly frustrating problem that you will likely encounter at the worst (and most frantic) moments, such as rushing headlong into a trap while trying to aim at a critical target during a speedrun.
- A very minor con, but for a game that emphasizes speedrunning so much, it's annoying to have to sit through various animations and cutscenes every time you attempt a run. These don't count towards your overall time, and should be confined to the "normal" game.
- The level-select hub is a chaotic sprawl that doesn't improve the overall experience, and essentially makes choosing (or simply finding) specific levels more work than it should be.

* Not a huge fan of the art style--the general flatness and large spans of solid color remind me too much of a free flash game, which cheapens the experience for me. There are little touches that stand out, such as the bublous green mutations that give a sense of transparency and depth, but they almost feel out of place next to everything else.. I saw one of the streamers I frequent, GrandPooBear, playing this game and about 30 seconds into the first level I had to pause the video because I didn't want to spoil what appeared to be an azmzing game.

Splasher is like a cross between a less punishing version of Super Meat Boy combined with the gel physics of Portal 2.
The controls could be a bit tighter, but so far this is a pretty enjoyable game that I would recommend people check out.. A great game with solid controls. It can be difficult at times but overall it's fun, plus it gives you that challenge that feels SO good to overcome.. Very good game, a lot of fun, nice game play, around 6 hours to complete the 22 level for me but it's my first platformer on this style.
Regarding the speedrun, leaderboard are intergrated in the game, but the only bad point is the lack of a fast restart option, to reset a level from the begining.

LATEST PATCH IS OUT (+ A message from the Splashteam):
Hi fellow Splashers!

It's been a while since we have announced an update, but today we are releasing our latest patch for Windows.

For so many reasons we had to delay it again and again, sorry for that, but there it is :)

This update mostly features performance improvements. If the game was already running well on your computer, you will probably barely notice the difference, but if you were facing framerate issues there is a good chance that it will run smoothly now...

This patch also features

  • An option to hide the splits in Time Attack / Speedrun modes.

  • Bugfix : The crossable platform bug that occurs sometimes, causing players to pass through an appearing plateform.

  • Bugfix : Ninja Runner success (deathless Speedrun). Some of you actually noticed that if you stopped a run to start a new one directly from the pause Menu (so not from the Hub vortex), the death counter wasn't properly reset. It's okay now.

  • A brand new UI for the level selection menu.

  • Several small things such as a loading screen between the levels and a slightly different button mapping to navigate in the menus.

Message from the Splashteam

We know that some of you are wishing more. It can be small things (but not so small to implement by the way) such as control tweaks or even a control remapper. Some are also wishing huge things such as a level editor. We understand these expectations and as players ourselves, we would have probably asked the same content updates to the developers. It also proves one thing : you love the game and you want it to be even better. It means a lot for us.

We truly want to apologize about our lack of communication and support, especially toward the speedrunners community (whose expectations were naturally quite high). We never wanted to fool anyone nor emitting false promises. We have a huge respect for you, the players, even if sometimes it doesn't look like it. We were just to busy, drown by our ambitions and the will to give this game the visibility it deserved.

That being said, it's important to dismiss any false expectations : The game unfortunately didn't sell as well as we expected. Yet we soldiered on for console versions, which ended up to be very time consuming. Sadly, the console sales are not that high either...

Considering all this we decided that it was time for us to move on. While the former Splashteam members are currently involved in different projects for different companies, team-founder Romain Claude just started to work on brand new prototypes for a new game. Even if it is too soon for confirming anything, Joffrey Babilotte (game designer, playtest master) and Aymeric Schwartz (sound master, musician) are already motivated to eventually join this new adventure in a near future !

Thanks a lot for supporting Splasher, please continue to do so. Keep on telling your family and friends why you like this game so much. You decided to give our game a chance, and that's not nothing :)

The Splashteam. SECOND PATCH IS OUT !:
Hello there,

We have just updated the game !

Here are the changes to expect with this new patch :
  • You now have access to a level selector from the Pause menu of the hub. A level is accessible from this menu when it has been finished at least once :

  • Input icons are now dynamic, they change depending on what you have plugged on your computer.

    For example if you play with an official Dualshock 4 :

    If you have nothing but a keyboard :

    If you have a controller which type is not properly detected, you'll have the Xbox 360 inputs icons by default (as usual).

  • In the Option panel, you can choose to force WASD keyboard inputs if the system failed to properly setup it for you :

  • In Time Attack mode, now when you respawn at the very first checkpoint (level entrance), the timer is reset to 00:00:00. So no need to start a new run anymore when you fail from the beginning :)

  • We removed the Exit button from the Pause menu of the levels. Now Exit is only shown in the pause menu of the Hub.
Enjoy :)

Note : The next patch will come up in a few weeks. It will be focused on very significant performances improvements. Stay tuned.

The Splashteam. SGDQ has started, don't miss Splasher:

Do you know Games Done Quick[gamesdonequick.com] ?
It's the non-profit organization running two annual events to raise money which profits to Prevent Cancer Fondation and Doctors without Borders.

Their Summer event, SGDQ, just started this week-end and it's huge. It's definitively the most important event for worldwide speedrun fans. What's even more huge is that Splasher is part of the featured games!

One of our players, Gyoo, made his way through the selection process and will have a live selfish% run of Splasher on stage next friday at 10:27 AM UTC. Don't miss it!

Follow Gyoo on Twitter or Twitch[www.twitch.tv]

In order to celebrate the event, we will run some contests on our social networks with special t-shirts to win!
Follow us on Facebook[www.facebook.com] or Twitter.

. On sales this week: 25% off:

If you haven't noticed yet, Splasher is on sales for a limited time, until monday 22nd.

Time to grab your paint cannon and save the Splashers !

And once you are skilled enough, remember to share your best runs:

. Demo + Celebration of the console release of Splasher!:

Celebrating the Xbox One & PS4 release this week, Splasher is 35% off!

Additionally, we have uploaded a demo of the game for you to try it out for free! Don't hesitate to download it and splash some bad guys!

We're so excited to share the game with a bigger audience. Please share the word! ;)

Hello there,

As some of you already know, we have just updated the game.

Here are the changes to expect with this new patch :
  • Quicker level exit/restart.

  • Added a reset shortcut in Time Attack mode.

  • Fixed some leaderboard access bugs. I won't go into details but if you still having issues for accessing the leaderboards, please do let us know in the forum.

  • Full controller support for Mac and Linux too (Xbox One, Dualshock 4 and Xbox 360 at least).

  • The issues that some you encountered with their Xbox One controller should be fixed. Please do let us know if you actually still have issues.

  • Fixed the "white stripe" issue on Mac.

  • Fixed a lot of tiny visual glitches.

  • Fixed the fact that sometimes you were not able to control the menu anymore via keyboard and/or controller after having moved the mouse pointer.

  • Fixed the appearence of a "useless split" at the beginning of Level 16 in Time Attack mode.
Enjoy :)

The Splashteam

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