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You've finally made it out of the academy and have been given your first ship to command. Sure it's just a light shuttle, but you've got to start somewhere, right? Sudde 5d3b920ae0

Title: Starcom: Nexus
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early Access
Wx3 Labs
Wx3 Labs
Release Date: 12 Dec, 2018


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Amazing! Really as good as it gets with these types of Top Down 2D view games, which is my favorite genre per se! I only wish that this game in particular was multiplayer, as it runs in a similar way content wise to the old style of games like Escape Velocity, EV Override, and EV Nova. although for those games, the natural progression is another game called "Endless Sky" This has a different space opera feel to it, so I believe it could be adapted to multiplayer in some way in the future.. As others have said, this game is obviously not complete. It's in Early Access and a lot of content is not available leading to a completion time way below what one would expect of a game like this. That said, what is available feels pretty polished and most notably quite bug free. On one hand, I recommend the game because it pulls off the genre very well, in a pleasing manner. On the other, it was over way too quickly, but that is a genuine feature of early access and you go in knowing that.. Very nice little game, easy to play. Almost everything in it: mining, exploration, ship design, trading . Have a future.. When this game popped up I bought it immediately. The original flash game was one of the best designed starship games I played, so much that I often returned to it over the years.. The core of this game is fantastic. I played over 8 hours straight through. What's here already is fairly polished with only occasional minor bugs. It's a nice combo of action, ship building, research/tech progression, and FTL-style exploration. It's all been done before, but how these aspects are combined, and the look and feel of the game make it stand out from the many top-down spaceship games out there. The combat feels great - you have to think how to exploit weaknesses of the stronger enemies. A few ships have very powerful weapons, and you'll only survive (after upgrading your ship enough) by targeting these weapons first, otherwise you're toast. The ability to target specific subsystems and weapons, and blow chunks off enemy vessels is great! Graphics-wise, the game looks really good for a top-down shooter. Explosions are particularly cool. BUT there are no cutscenes or animated characters when interacting with others. DEVELOPERS: you mention wanting to add voice acting. Yes, please do!!! If you can also add 3d characters a la Star Control: Origins or Rebel Galaxy, even better!!! This is the only part of the game that feels low-budget. But this game has much better gameplay than Star Control: O, and that's the important part. I LOVE that when you scan a planet and find an anomaly, you usually end up in a mini-choose-your-own-adventure episode. Each little story is unique and interesting. Basically all aspects of this game are great EXCEPT it needs more. I know it's early access so more is on the way, but there's really only about 8 hours of content here. I'm hoping the full release has at least triple the content. They need more variety of weapons than just missiles and plasma cannons, even though the tech tree allows for progression and some customization of these systems. Also, PLEASE add a procedural sandbox mode. Story mode is great too, but without procedural star systems the replayability is very limited.. Reminds me of Escape velocity mixed with stellaris kind early surveys with interesting events ect. No new ships but the ship you have you can shape and add take away ect affect what it does and its performance really cool actually. Research. The planets are beautiful and theres multiple races you can interact with some hostile some nuetral some can be made friends. Im not that far but I really like it. I hope it gets dlc too!! ;) Pretty safe buy if you like this kinda game.

Version 0.10.3 live on default branch : Greetings Commanders, The game has been updated to 0.10.3 on the main branch. Save games are not compatible with content updates, but if you were in the middle of a game, don't panic. Your save game is still there and can be accessed by rolling back your client. See here for instructions [www.starcomnexus.com] . Spoiler-free summary of new features in 0.10.x: New content: sectors, anomalies, new races, etc. Dynamic announcements (don't require client update) Various mission changes New random encounter system Changes to drop generation Coordinates and distance of cursor on map Soften shield "hit" sound Nexus gateway fades to black instead of white Player engines get a performance boost in deep space Numerous balance changes to techs Players able to build locked blueprints fixed Save games use ship name Save game pruning Lots of misc bug fixes, quality of life improvements Other news: Valve has approved the submitted trading cards which are now available. The card images are high-res renderings of some of my favorite anomaly images. Cloud-save has been enabled. As always, if you have any questions or technical problems you can reach out to me or other players for help via: The Steam Community discussion forums The game Discord channel [discord.gg] - Kevin One of the many new anomaly images from the latest update.. Beta 0.12 Opt-in Update : Update 0.12 is now available as an opt-in Beta. Assuming no major problems, that version will become the default branch next week. To opt-in now, you just need to right-click on the game in your library, choose properties and go to the Betas tab. There is no password. Click here to see detailed instructions. [www.starcomnexus.com] If you're playing 0.10.3 (the current default build) there are quite a few changes. Non-spoiler list of the major changes since 0.10.3: Universe is now generated with a hybrid procedural/designed system. Some sectors are procedurally generated, some are designed, some are a combination. Bigger universe. There are now close to 100 star systems with over 300 planets, over half of which have some kind of anomaly or discovery. 130+ unique planetary anomalies/scan discoveries. New technologies. New weapons. New missions/side-quests. New achievements. Updated trade system. Experimental difficulty settings. Improved controller support. Players can now leave notes on the map by right-clicking. Improvements to the mission log including search function. Updates to localization. Various balances changes. Misc. bug fixes. As always, if you encounter any bugs or have any questions or suggestions, submit them via F8, post in the discussion forum or join the game's Discord [discord.gg] . Note that during Early Access save games are not compatible across content updates, but you always have the option of switching to a previous build to keep playing an older save.. Version 0.9.4 update : I've just pushed 0.9.4 to the default branch. This primarily is just a fix for the issue with some joysticks/controllers wrestling control away from the keyboard/mouse.. Closed Beta Round 4 Starting Soon : The next closed Beta will hopefully start later this week. Quite a bit of new stuff in this Beta: New sectors, anomalies and side quests New discoveries New technologies Beam weapons Shields New alien race New station personnel dialogues Stars now do damage to ships coming close Minefields Ringed planets Gateway transitions are now constant time Custom ship blueprints Mission log improvements Comet discoveries Changed fighter flight patterns Lots of bug fixes, minor tweaks, balance changes As usual, invites to this Beta will go out to random members of the mailing list. If that sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, sign up here: Beta testers will be able to access the game either: With a Steam Beta Key. These keys will expire when the game enters Early Access. As a download. The download doesn't expire (but also doesn't automatically update). This will likely be the second to last closed beta before Early Access. I haven't locked down the exact date yet, but expect an announcement soon.. Starcom: Nexus is now available! : Today's the day! I'm really excited, and a bit nervous. After two years of development and five rounds of closed betas, Starcom: Nexus is finally available on Steam Early Access. The feedback from beta testers has helped make each version better than the last. Here are some of the anonymous feedback comments submitted by testers: "Hi developers!, I tried to find something wrong with this game but I must say that I failed. I totally love it!" "Hey everyone, I LOVE this game, great job!" "So, I was just going to have a look, and now the night is over and I am through the game[.Spoilers removed.] This probably is the worst beta test feedback you ever got, since a beta test is all about bugs normally, but seriously, this pre-early access-beta runs better than a lot of released games by larger developing teams. Thank you for letting me participate and getting a first impression of Starcom: Nexus." Of course, this is far from the end of the road. I expect the game to spend at least another six months in Early Access, probably more. I hope you will help me make Starcom: Nexus one of the best single player space adventures ever. How can you give feedback? There are lots of ways for you to give feedback or ask questions about the game: You can give feedback in game at any time by pressing 'F8'. This is anonymous, so if you have a question, I suggest using one of the other channels. Joining our Discord: Posting to the Steam Discussion hub: I'll be checking all those channels almost every day.. Closed Beta Round 2 : Just finished testing what is hopefully the Closed Beta Round 2 build. There are still some bugs (it is a pre-Early Access Beta) but hopefully nothing game breaking. Invites to Beta test will go out later this week to random members of the mailing list, so if that sounds like something you'd like, sign-up here: Beta testers will be able to access the game either: With a Steam Beta Key. These keys will expire when the game enters Early Access. As a download. The download doesn't expire (but also doesn't automatically update). The Beta is not content complete at this point, probably under two hours of playtime, but fully playable.. Closed Beta Round Two: Looking Good! : A couple weeks ago the second closed Beta invite went out to a few dozen mailing list subscribers. If you didn't get one, there will definitely be at least one more round of closed betas before Early Access, probably more. If you'd like to be included on mailing updates and potentially be included in future betas, you can sign up on the website. The next round of closed betas will start in about two weeks: Based on tester's feedback, I feel confident that the game will enter Early Access before the end of the year. While there are some bugs and quality of life feature requests (it is a Beta), most players reported really enjoying the experience. The data suggests they weren't just being polite: almost 90% of the playtesters who installed the game played for at least an hour and almost 90% of those played nearly all of the main story content currently available (roughly 3 hours as of that build). In other news: The game now has a Discord channel where you'll find me most days: First pre-release curator review from Space Game Junkie: If you love space exploration akin to Starflight or The Long Journey Home, but without the tedious rover stuff, you'll LOVE Starcom: Nexus. It's fantastic with exploration, discovery and its writing. Given how much I loved Starflight, that made me really happy. The game still has a ways to go before it's complete. As the playtesters have seen, this is a very content-rich game and it will need a lot more content before it is done. One the main reasons for Early Access: I have a vision for the overall story of Starcom:Nexus, but I want your help filling in the details and the path that takes you to the end.

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