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The Orion Suns Portable Edition

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About This Game

How beautiful the night sky is, how many secrets hides the shroud of cosmic void.
Anna the researcher needs your help. You need to create constellations in different 5d3b920ae0

Title: The Orion Suns
Genre: Casual, Indie
Life Jumb DT
Release Date: 20 Feb, 2018


suns of god the orion revelation. the orion suns steam. the orion suns

A simple puzzle game where you need to connect stars to create constellations. It's not a bad game, but the puzzle aspect is a bit too simple and gets repetitive quite fast. The english version also had some bad grammar and some funny looking sentences. The graphics and music are alright though. Overall not a bad game, but I was hoping for and expecting more so unfortunately I cannot recommend it.. The concept behind this game is fine and I thought it would be relaxing, but with no way to undo moves (especially on the last level), I can't recommend it. The game itself isn't overwhelmingly difficult and the more challenging levels are the better ones, but nothing is more frustrating than making one small mistake on a puzzle and having to complete the entire level over entirely and hope you remember what you did before to get as close as you previously were. There also seems to be a few levels thrown in throughout the puzzle where almost no thought went into it except maybe how the devs could stretch this into an actual game. I also can't figure out why there's a random anime girl who would appear in the game to give me "tips" or whatever, lol. I don't really know why that was necessary, but oh well. Also, the music is just a short track on a loop, so have fun with that if you're planning on playing for more than 5 minutes. Overall, I thought The Orion Suns was entertaining for a few minutes before it just got annoying and don't think it's worth the full price, let alone the $0.49 I managed to get it for.. clean simple minimal puzzle game - a genre that i love. you are drawing a map of constellations on a beautiful night sky, though it is quite easy et the start, the further you go the more complicated the game becomes, and you miss a star to start again, or there appear stars that should have some required number of connections - so the puzzle gets even more interesting. i enjoyed the game - i recommend.. It was the music in this game (Dexter Britain - Everything You Know) that first grabbed my attention and it's a wonderful track. Too bad it is the only track in the game (about 5 minutes long), and it plays in a continuous loop. I also bought this hoping it would include an MP3 file after installation, but no dice (it is one big .exe file that gets installed in your game directory). So far the puzzles are ok and enticing enough to play for a few minutes and come back later for more. Each puzzle you solve will save your progress before proceeding to the next one. If not for the music, I don't think this game would have gotten nearly enough attention. Overall recommended but only on a sale - I paid 50 cents and I believe I got my money's worth.. Very relaxing game with a few demanding logic puzzles. Music and graphics are good.

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