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Zombie Scrapper License

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About This Game

Protect your BRAINS!

Zombie Scrapper is a twin-stick shooter that drops you right into the zombie apocalypse! You will battle hordes of zombies in de 5d3b920ae0

Title: Zombie Scrapper
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Ransacked Studios
Ransacked Studios
Release Date: 4 Apr, 2019


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I hope this game gets expanded. Well worth the few coin I paid for it. I'll pay for additional content too. About halfway there on survival and it's a fun grind. I'd like bigger rushes though or level settings? Co-op? Hardcore mode? :) I hope there's a boss and bigger enemies! And if you could let me adjust to windowed mode that would be great. The axe was great fun but then I got a hold of the big knife and suddenly the game became slice and dice.. Good fun for three bucks! A true twin-stick, like the original Robotron, where pushing the right-dpad will fire the weapon. Decent level design, too, like pushing a car down a road, while zombies attack and also push the car back. Played this game on ubuntu linux, with an xbox-type gamepad controller. This game was written in the unity game engine, and it takes up 150 MBs of diskspace. Decent music and sound effects, too.

1.8 Patch Notes : Fixed issue where physics-enabled objects were retaining gravity and kinematic state after set to auto-rotate. 1.31 Hotfix : Just a small maintenance patch to address a couple of minor issues.. 1.5 Patch Notes : Added Rotunda as usable scene. Update 1.2 : Added ability to adjust scene directional light rotation. 1.4 Patch Notes : Hello everyone, I apologize for the delay in providing this update, as I am back working full time now. In this update: - Updated lobby scene - Updated TriLib plugin - Add ability to import models as terrain For terrain importing, please make sure to check the Import As Terrain checkbox when importing the model. This will not use box colliders on the model and instead switches to adding mesh colliders so you can walk on it. To change terrain model placement please use the tools on the UI, you cannot pick it up by hand.. 1.7 Patch Notes : Added ability to undo delete action. VR Model Viewer is live! : Hello fellow VR enthusiasts! I am pleased to announce that VR Model Viewer is now live. Over the coming days I will be adding some additional functionality and content, but I wanted to get it into your hands right away! Coming up!; - Menu consolidation: merging the Build and Object menus into a single menu system - Asynchronous model loading: loading large models causes the Steam loading screen to appear. I want to take the model loading off the main thread and load asynchronously. - Ability to choose different ambient baking tracks (currently a fixed track plays) - Ability to add custom audio notes that can be played back later - Ability to play Youtube clips in-game - Ability to import custom images and logos - Ability to create and set up real time lights If you have any issues or problems importing models, please let me know at rjsmindrend.com .. Update 1.3 : Added ability to change camera far clipping plane. Blender Export Settings : Hi all, just a quick note on some recommended settings when exporting from Blender: - Exporting as Wavefront OBJ: - Exporting as FBX:. 1.9 Patch Notes - WMR Support Added! : Added WMR support

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