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Darkness And Light: Part 3 In Hindi 720p

Darkness And Light: Part 3 In Hindi 720p ->>->>->> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Darkness And Light: Part 3

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Sci-Fi


































Bruce Banner in a mechanical Hulkbuster suit fights the Hulk. He manages to restrain the Hulk using his insights about the creature, but can't bring himself to harm him. General Ross and Major Talbot converge on the their position. Meanwhile, the Outcasts help an injured Rick Jones. Banner switches strategies with the Hulk intending to drive him more and more angry. The Hulk suffers from sensory overload until Talbot and Ross arrive. Ross tries to kill the Hulk, but Betty manages to stop him. The Hulk makes it clear that he remembers Betty and leave. Bruce passes out in pain and is taken to the hospital. Betty tries to marry the Hulk, but General Ross will not allow it. Bruce falls unconscious and Doc Sampson realizes that they must reunite Banner and the Hulk. Betty and Gabriel Jones track down the Hulk who has been found by the Outcasts. Betty and Sampson rebuild the nutrient bath. As they attempt to merge Banner and the Hulk, General Ross interferes. Rick tries to stop him but falls into the nutrient bath himself. The experiment fails, Rick Jones becomes a Green Hulk and Banner becomes the Gray Hulk.

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