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Grand Pigeon's Duty Free Download [License]

Grand Pigeon's Duty Free Download [License]

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About This Game

In the near future people decided to abandon human organs and replace them with innovative petrol implants that allow to prolong life. Almost all food businesses were ruined or converted into refueling.
Due to lack of organic food pets were on the verge of extinction. Worst of all had birds that were unable to adapt to new conditions of life without human food.
Pigeons organized resistance, which aims to attract people's attention to the problem of hunger and restore bakery companies for their bait.
Pigeon John decides to help urban birds with his unusual disease of the digestive system.


  • Short interesting story
  • Strange funny pigeons
  • The various game mechanics (yep, a bird defecation - just the beginning)
  • Multiple endings
  • Trading Cards
  • Achievements

Title: Grand Pigeon's Duty
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Release Date: 5 Aug, 2016


It's a fun and challenging game!
You're a pigeon, you poop on things.
There are other pigeons that tell you what to poop on.

It looks like it was translated with Google translate, but, hey.

It's a $1 game.

It's $1, I should've opened with that. I really wanted to like this game. It's silly, it has a Tommy Wiseau pigeon, and it costs $1. But some things are just broken.

The entire game consists of flying left or right and pressing space to poop on things. Sometimes the things move, and sometimes there is wind, so your poop moves. The dialogue between levels is in broken English that is usually understandable if you take an extra second or two. All of that is fine. It's funny, simple, and endearing.

The problem is the one difficulty mechanic (admittedly I didn't get very far) is wind. Wind makes your poop move, and wind changes direction, except it doesn't. Currently there's a wind indicator that shows you whether wind is blowing left or right. Wind always blows right, even if the indicator says it's blowing left.

Also apparently it's just a browser game, because every time I hit F12 to take a screenshot (the default keybind in Steam) a Chrome debugger window pops up over the game.

On one hand it's $1 and it's entertaining enough that I kind of don't care. On the other hand I just paid $1 for a browser game with one mechanic that doesn't even work.. Fun little game, nothing crazy here but it's well worth the price. I got about 3 hours of fun out of it for the price of a burger. A burger is like 3 minutes of enjoyment. Ergo, buy it, worse case scenario you wasted a couple bucks.. Watching people running away after getting boom with Grand Pigeon's fecal matter to their head is so satisfying. muhahaahha. This game is great on many levels, if you think that this is another pooping simulator, no it's not, there is a deep plot (and memes):

+Visuals: Simple pixel art, nothing special, but nothing bad as well.

+-Sound: 8-bit music tracks, I like some of them, but some of them making me nervous for no reason so it's a +-. Sound effects are okay.

+Gameplay: Ok so first of all this game has a nonlinear structure with multiple endings. You face the story of pigeons hard times, full of various memes with a Russian flavoring on top. Hard difficulty is hard because of the random winds, normal difficulty is still hard but beatable comparing to the hard one. Anyway, this game is pretty challenging.

+Steamcards - make the game nearly free to play if you take into account the low price.
+Steam achievements.
-Game bugs here and there and you see the developers fixing their game at least twice a day with all those patches, I guess it's the early release problems, which will be gone later.

Tl:DR - it is a good buy, the game is cheap, challenging and has a nice story.. I got it because of the 1% discount

game has 51% discount this time ++

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