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About This Game

Scoregasm is an incredible, variety rich shooter with a non-linear, branching paths style galaxy to explore. It's pretty, accessible, fun and really rather good! Blast 5d3b920ae0

Title: Scoregasm
Genre: Action, Indie
RC Knight
Charlie's Games
Release Date: 8 Feb, 2012


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 2ghz or faster
  • Memory: 512mb
  • Hard Disk Space: 100mb Free Space


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An enjoyable bullet hell experience for people who are horrible at bullet hell games. It's tons of fun and challenges add tons of replay value. A pretty solid twin stick shooter.. A pretty twin stick shooter, with some unique elements to many of the levels. A remix of quality bits from other games. It's ok, but nothing special.. A Twin-Stick Bullet Hell style game. Ahh, Bullet Hell games, how much I love you. Or atleast love screaming at you. This game is more of a Bullet Hell Lite though, Still great fun but with none of the insane difficulty of a screen full of things really trying to kill you. Gameplay-wise, this game handles with all the grace and maneuverability of a twin-stick shooter. So, depending on how good you are at them great to middling. I always manage to lose my grip on one of the control sticks whenever I play, but I still manage to suvive somehow. Graphically, the screen-shots speak for themselves. Bright, vibrant colours, varied enemies and stages, a third thing. I think this is one of the prettiest games that I own. The music in this game matches the gameplay perfectly, so much so that I forget sometimes that the sound effects and the musical score are seperated. I may be somewhat biased in this review, because I have always been a sucker for games like this, but I do fully recommend this game if you enjoy pretty colours with a laid-back feel. Well, as laid back as a Bullet Hell game can be. A small bit of self promotion now, I have a Youtube channel where I do Let's Plays, and this game just happens to be one of the games that I have done on it. Who would've thought it? Anyway, if you want to see some gameplay footage of this game, please check out my Let's Play of it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frDdujwgOo8. Awesome hardcore music!. Your not going to get 100s of hours of gameplay out of Scoregasm but it has enough levels and variety to keep you challenged for a while. There is quite a bit to unlock and explore. Gorgeous graphics that pop out of the screen along, classic arcade style audio with some intense close quarter 'bullet hell' gameplay makes this a fun twin-stick shooter. If you can grab it at a good price its worth adding to the collection. Queue sound byte .. I can't say I'm an expert at or on SHMUP games, but this is one I can say I had alot of fun with. As opposed to your standard scrolling SHMUP game, this follows cloer to the gameplay style of Geometry wars in facing waves of enemies. The difference here is while Geometry Wars is a endless wave SHMUP game, in Scoregasm each of the levels is with a set wave of enemies and attacks. But the gameplay is fast paced and action heavy, and it's really fun to play. I can't say that I found anything negative abou the game and for $5 it's not a bad price. This is a game I'd definitley recommend for anyone looking for some action heavy shooting, and is really fun. If you'd like to see the gamplay in action, I did a let's play on this game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ehz6VVN7Mk. Surprisingly, this game is actually really hard. I'm no twin-stick guru, but the real challenge in the game comes from the "Challenges" you can unlock by meeting certain requirements. Even the first Challenge is really quite crazily hard, and that alone does extend the lifetime of the game significantly. This game is probably best buying it only on special, because you might well get bored fast, but if you like twin-stick shooters I do believe it does justify paying full price.. Scoregasm looks to be fun but I wouldn't know. Tried to create a profile.says I wasn't connected to the internet (I am.) and to try again when I'm connected. Made it through the How To Play and the first act of level 1, only to be met with EXCEPTIONACCESSVIOLATION error and the game terminates. Restarted and the same thing happened again when I started up Level 1. Did a web search and apparently this is a known issue with JAVA and users of Windows 7 or Vista. I'm running Win7. Be warned if you buy this game and are running one of those two systems.. This game is fun, even if a bit simple. I love bullet hell games though and the end of round rush waves are a lot of fun.. GAMEPLAY Thanks in no small part to the seminal 1980s classics like Robotron and Asteroids, we now have more twin-stick shooters than we can swing a twin-stick at. The principle is the same as it's always been: kill tons of enemies and avoid bazillions of missiles. Screens are confined by boundaries so the action is tight and restricted and incredibly intense. Its main gimmick, like Waves, is a slightly overpowered special attack which kills anything within a small radius around your ship. Each level lasts about 40-60 seconds. Most enemies have one hit-point but with power-ups aplenty the usual sight is to see a monumental stream of bullets issuing forth from your ship and swarms of enemies exploding into smithereens. PRESENTATION & DESIGN The start-screen doubles as the level-select screen so moving your ship to the right scrolls through and uncovers the map of levels. Be warned though, it's a badly designed mess with no explanation or description given as to how navigating through the game actually works. Sound is a mixed bag as well; pumping, trance-like tunes get you into the zone but while in the menus the peculiar soundtrack coughs and splutters like a badly distorted fart. Graphics are fine, comparing similarly to the game's closest competitor, Mutant Storm Reloaded. The progression system in Scoregasm is disorientating to say the least. You get a score at the end but this gets lost to a broken online connection. However the high-score, best combo score and rank (S, A, B, C, D, E and F) for each individual level, if beaten, are stored and can be viewed on the stats page afterwards. CONCLUSION Scoregasm still remains one of the most intense Asteroids-inspired / twin-stick shoot u2018em ups of all time. Clearing tricky levels by a split second through skill and dexterity is always greeted with satisfying relief. Although it may not have the polish and class of a Geometry Wars it gets a lot more things right than other games of this ilk such as Bullet Candy, Gran Vitreous or Death Ray Manta. On the other hand it would benefit from giving the player the option to play individual levels (like in Mutant Storm Reloaded). The alternative Challenge levels are also too ridiculously tough for casual players. Still, the sheer enjoyment gained from the main part of the game is immense and largely makes up for these minor quibbles.

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